For Students

The Interpreting and Accommodation Services Department provides accommodations for students with a verified Disability and/or Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf- Blind, Blind-deaf.

For more information, see the DSPS home page, Deaf Student Handbook, or to Request an Interpreter or Captioner.

For Faculty and Staff

Interpreting services are also provided for deaf faculty and/or staff for campus meetings and forums. Contact Deaf Studies Division Confidential Interpreter/Coordinator Aundrea Love for employee-related interpreting requests.

For Peer Notetakers

Special carbon-less N.C.R. paper is available for Volunteer Peer Notetakers to use in classes for which they take notes. Peer Notetakers and students receiving notes may want to ask the classroom instructor for assistance with meeting each other or use the services of the Interpreter, or Real-time Captioner to make an announcement after class.

For more information, refer to the Notetaker Handbook.

For Performing Arts Events

The Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts is a performing arts center on campus that is responsible for their own performances and providing Interpreters, Real-time Captioners, or Infared Assistive Listening Devices.

For Accommodations during Non-Business Hours and Special Events

Accommodations needed during non-business hours or for special events must be pre-arranged by contacting Kelly Wilmeth.

See Contact Information for the Interpreting and Accommodation Services Office.

For Department Employees

For information regarding department procedures and policies, see the Interpreter or Real-time Captioner handbook.