Employment as an Ohlone Interpreter or Real-time Captioner


Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ohlone Sign Language Interpreter or Real-Time Captioner. We have two types of positions for qualified interpreters and captioners, full-time staff positions and part-time or as we call them "short-term peak" positions.

If you are interested in becoming one of our staff interpreters or captioners (which includes a salary and benefits package), please check our Human Resources website to see if we have any classified Staff Sign Language Interpreter I or II or Staff Captioner I or II positions available at kwilmeth@ohlone.edu, by phone (510) 659-6271, or come see me in room 7122 on Ohlone's Fremont campus during August, January or May to set up an appointment to fill out application paper work and, if you're not RID certified, take Ohlone's interpreter evaluation. While we attempt to provide adequate work for our interpreters and captioners, being hired does not guarantee classes will be available every semester.

For more information about interpreting at Ohlone, including a map, our Code of Professional Conduct and pay scale, please refer to either the Ohlone Interpreter Handbook or Real-time Captioner Handbook.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to meeting you.


Kelly Wilmeth, NIC

Director, Accommodation Services &Interpreting

Ohlone College