Handbook for Interpreters

I want to join Ohlone's interpreter pool:

Please read Employment as an Ohlone Interpreter or Real-Time Captioner.

I already work for Ohlone's interpreter pool:

Please read the Short-term Peak Interpreter Handbook for a full description of the department's policies and procedures


Read these are answers to the most common questions asked during the semester.

Q. Is there a staff lounge or other place I can go while on campus?

The Accommodation Services & Interpreting Department main office (located at the Fremont campus) is always open during regular operating hours for you. Feel free to relax in the office between classes and during break times. The office has a room available for case conferencing, places to store personal items, and the department staff can provide access to the staff lounge, which has a refrigerator, microwave, and filtered water. Computers and telephones are available for checking emails and voicemail messages.

Q. My student hasn't arrived for class. What should I do?

Interpreters are expected to wait for a minimum of 15 minutes for any class. If the class is longer than 1 hour, an additional 10 minutes per class-hour of waiting time is expected. For example:

Wait Time of Assignment
Length of Assignment Minimum Wait Time
1 hour 15 minutes
1 hour, 35 minutes 20 minutes
2 hours 25 minutes
3 hours 35 minutes

If students have not arrived after the requisite waiting time, you should contact the Director.

Q. Uncaptioned Media Was Shown During The Assignment, What Should I Do?

Department policy is for providers not to refuse interpret media in a classroom. You may provide the instructor with information about why interpreting of media is not effective. Inform the Director of Interpreting & Accommodation Services about the incident as soon as possible. Please include Class name in your email/text/voice message.

Q. When Will I Know My Schedule?

Assignment scheduling occurs prior the first day of classes each semester and is subject to change. Additional assignments are scheduled on an as needed basis. The director primarily uses email to communicate with the interpreter pool about these assignments. It is good to check your email regularly. It is your responsibility to update your contact information when it changes.

Q. I Have A Question About My Paycheck.

The first place to start is WebAdvisor. This is where you access information about your pay advice, tax information, etc. If you still have questions after accessing this information, you should contact the director.

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