Handbook for Notetakers

A Notetaker is a student volunteer willing to share their notes with an SAS student requesting notes in their class. Notetakers are a valued asset working with SAS to provide accommodations at Ohlone College, and we greatly appreciate your service.

Frequently Asked Questions during the Semester.

Q. How do I become a notetaker?

If a notetaker is required in your course, you will receive an email from JoyDawn Olla requesting a volunteer notetaker. Notetakers are chosen on a first come first served basis. The first person to volunteer is assigned the position of notetaker for this course. Only one notetaker will be chosen per course.

Once selected, you must complete and sign the Notetaker Contract. The contract will be emailed to you. Please note: this is a binding contract. You should read the entire document before you sign it. When the contract is completed, your information is given to the student needing notes and they are responsible for contacting you to arrange how the notes will be shared. 

Select one (1) of the following options for submitting your contract:

    • Email: you may email the completed PDF contract back to JoyDawn Olla, Accommodations Services Specialist
    • In person:

    Q. Is there a special technique for taking notes?

    The appearance of your notes is as important as the content. The student(s) receiving copies must be able to easily read them. You should consider the following when preparing to take notes:

    • Write legibly whether handwriting or printing.
    • Use dark ink to ensure clear copying. Consider using an erasable pen instead of pencil. Pencil marks do not always copy well.

     The following list should provide you with an idea of the type of content that may be beneficial to the success of the student for whom you are taking notes. 

    • Date
    • Class and instructor name
    • Chapters/topics discussed.
    • Write down as much information as possible. The information you would typically filter from your own notes, may be beneficial for the student for whom you are taking notes.
    • Copy all information written on the board.

    Q. What may disqualify me from being a notetaker?

    • If you have requested notetaking accommodations for the class which you volunteer to take notes
    • You are on academic probation

    Q. What may make me ineligible for priority registration as a notetaker?

      You have 100 or more lifetime units

      • You are currently qualified to receive notetaking services yourself
      • You are on academic probation
      • You have an outstanding balance on your account
      • You are a high school student

      Q: Who do I contact with any questions or concerns regarding notetaking?

      JoyDawn Olla

      Accommodations Services Specialist




      If JoyDawn is unavailable please contact:


      Gage Rodriguez

      Student Accessibility Services Supervisor



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