Colleague Coordination Team (CCT)


Ohlone College uses Ellucian Colleague as its core information system. Colleague has many modules of systems intended as student information system (SIS), finance and accounting information system (FAIS), and human resource information system (HRIS). The use of Colleague helps Ohlone provide a more efficient service to its students, faculty, and staff by using an integrated and a shared platform for collaboration and communication.

Colleague's web-based module is called WebAdvisor. This is the common conduit between students, faculty, or staff and the Colleague system.

The existence of the Colleague Coordination Team (CCT) is based on:

  1. Communication - serves as the liaison between the Information Systems team and the Colleague users campus-wide regarding the Colleague system - updates, status, new releases, best practices, Ellucian initiatives.
  2. Collaboration - serves as the working group for testing and for validating Colleague patches and version upgrades.
  3. Sharing - serves as an opportunity for cross training on various Colleague modules and shares initiatives across functional areas.
  4. Advisory - serves as an advisory to the Associate Vice President of IT Services on matters related to Colleague.

CCT's ultimate purpose is to enhance the delivery of services to our students, faculty, and staff in a more effective and efficient manner using a collaborative approach to problem solving, decision-making, and knowledge sharing.


CCT groups Colleague users together and represents various functional departments on campus:

  1. Academic Affairs - Curriculum and Scheduling
  2. Administrative Services - Business Services (accounting and payroll), Purchasing Department
  3. Human Resources and Training
  4. IT Services
  5. Research and Planning
  6. Student Services - Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Counseling and Student Success

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding CCT, please contact:

Scott Snyder
Executive Director, Information Technology Services
(510) 659-6007