How to Download Files from ConferZoom and save to Microsoft OneDrive

  1. In Zoom or ConferZoom, go to “My Recordings”. 

    Screenshot of Zoom Recordings on Zoom app

  2. Select the recordings you wish to download, and select “Download Files”.

    Screenshot of sample recording with title "My Meeting Recording 1", with Download button circled

  3. The files downloaded from ConferZoom will go to your default Downloads folder.
  4. Next, navigate to One Drive by doing the following:
    • In a web browser, login to using your Ohlone credentials and select the One Drive application from the 3x3 dot grid image of 3x3 Dot Grid
    • Make a New folder: With One Drive open, Select + New and select Folder from the drop down
      Screenshot of "New" dropdown button being clicked on the webpage in OneDrive, exposing options to create a new folder
    • Name the folder as needed
      Screenshot of popup window for naming a new folder within OnDrive

  5. Upload files from downloads folder (include Video, transcript and Chat) to the One Drive folder:
    • ​​​​​​​Click on the new folder you created in step 4

    • Click on "Upload" button, then select "Files"
      Screenshot of "Upload" button seen highlighted in OneDrive Screenshot of "Upload" button clicked showing Files option within OneDrive

    • Select the recording file you would like to upload to OneDrive from your local drive, then click on "Open" button to upload.
      Screenshot of finder showing files in local drive

  6. Repeat above process of download and copy to One Drive for all desired recordings.

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