Android Email Tutorial - Information Technology Services (ITS) Department

These instructions are for email accounts provided to Ohlone College employees. Students should refer to the Student Email page.

Microsoft Exchange email settings for your Android phone:

  1. Click Applications icon.
  2. Click on Email Icon.
  3. Enter your email address and your email access password.

  4. Select: Exchange Account
  5. Enter Your domain username. Note: "ADMIN\" must precede your username.

    • ADMIN\jdoe
    • Password: (your network password)
  6. Enter the Exchange Server Name:
    • select : use SSL
    • select: accept SSL Certs
  7. Email Checking Frequency
    • Select: "automatic push"
    • Then select: amount of mail to synchronize.
    • Check: send email from this account by default.
    • Check: notify me when email arrives.
    • And…
    • Uncheck the box that says: "sync contacts from this account."
  8. Name Your Account: Ohlone
    • Enter your full name.
    • You are done.