Technology Master Plan 2016-2020

Technology Master Plan 2016-2020

ID Project Description Status Start Date


2016-20 Technology Infrastructure Replace end of life network equipment Ongoing 11/2019 06/2020
2017-01 Computer Replacement Plan Replace aged computers Ongoing 07/2017 Ongoing
2017-04 Student Planning Implement comprehensive student education plans for students. Online and using modern technology In progress 07/2017 04/2020
2017-11 Digital Signage Provide digital signage to provide relevant and current information to students In progress 01/2018 06/2020
2017-12 Academic Core Building - Large Lecture Hall Configure large lecture hall to provide superior learning for students In progress 07/2017 03/2020
2017-13 Portal Infrastructure Implement a portal for students and staff, providing access to pertinent information Researching TBD TBD
2018-01 Colleague Financial Aid Self Service Implement Financial Aid Self Service from Ellucian to better serve students Fin Aid needs, including online/responsive access In progress 06/2019 04/2020
2018-04 Non Credit Application Implement a student non-credit admissions application In progress 06/2019 06/2020
2018-06 Academic Core Building - Medium Lecture Hall Configure medium lecture hall to provide superior learning for students    In progress In progress 07/2017 03/2020
2019-01 Program Review and Strategic Planning software implementation Implement Nuventive Improve to better manage Program Review and Strategic Planning initiatives Complete 06/2019 09/2019
2019-02 Student Accommodation software Implement Accommodate software from Symplicity to provide assistance to students requiring accomodations Complete 05/2019 09/2019
2019-03 Colleague UI 5.7 Implement new and improved  Colleague ERP system user interace fro administrative functions In progress 05/2019 03/2020
2019-04 Colleague Finance Self Service Implement Ellucian Self Service Finance. New Improved Finance module for easier access and improved functionality Researching TBD TBD
2019-05 Document Imaging systems upgrade Upgrade document imaging software Perceptive Content. This will provided improved functionality especially with Colleague UI 5.X screens In progress 08/2019 03/2020
2019-07 VDI Expansion for the ACB Expand the use of virtual desktop infrastructure to the academic core buildings In progress 11/2019 02/2020
2019-10 Laptop Kiosk Implement Laptop Kiosks for instructors to check out laptops to be used for instructional purposes In progress 10/2019 03/2020
2019-11 Evaluate SQLization of Colleague. This Colleague SQL will be a copy of Unidata version.  Can be used for data collection, analytics, reports, etc. (Ex. Transport Mgmt Interface - Ferrilli; Ellucian ODS) This Colleague SQL will be a copy of Unidata version.  Can be used for data collection, analytics, reports, etc. (Ex. Transport Mgmt Interface - Ferrilli; Ellucian ODS) Researching 10/2019 05/2020
2019-12 SMTP email server setup for Colleague email communications Create an SMTP email server to accommodate email commumications to students coming out of Colleague In progress 10/2019 03/2020


IT Services Operational Projects

IT Services Operational Projects
Project Description Status Estimated Start Estimated End
Colleague UI 5.7 Upgrade to Colleague UI 5.7 for better functionality and our current version 4.6 is being de-supported In progress 5/30/2019 03/30/2020
CCCApply upgrade Identify additional data elements collected, including ethnicities for upload In progress 6/18/2019 6/20/2020
Perceptive Content upgrade Upgrade document imaging systems for Colleague UI 5.7 and new features. Test environment In progress 8/5/2019 3/1/2020
Studen Accts Rec archiving Archive Student Accts Recievable data. Annual archiving is needed to optimize system function In progress 1/29/2020 3/27/2020
Marching Order Software to organize and provide ticketing and check-in for Graduation ceremony In progress 2/4/2020 3/16/2020
Office 365 Implement Office 365 for staff. Re-configure GAL (Global Address List),  distribution lists, etc In progress 3/1/2019 3/15/2020
Network Folder security Apply security measures and practices to identify and secure data In progress 11/1/2019 4/15/2020
AV Infrastructure upgrades Upgrade AV Infrastructure:  Board Room, Newark conference center In progress 2/20/2020 3/30/2020
ParkingPlus application Implement new parking permit software called ParkingPlus w/Credentials Complete 7/22/2019 8/5/2019
Dashboard 2 Add new data Add new data to Dashboard 2 XEMGT - 1) Number of sections offered 2) Total enrollment Complete 7/2/2019 8/16/2019
Gainful Employment Federal mandate for Gainful Employment disclosures Complete 6/24/2019 7/1/2019
Nuventive for Program Review Program review software for district wide program reviews Complete 6/24/2019 8/19/2019
AutoGrad Identify degrees and certificates for students. Streamline awarding Complete 5/28/2019 7/12/2019
Comevo for guided placement To meet AB705 requirements for student guided placements. Automation to upload from Comevo to Colleague Complete 5/14/2019 7/19/2019
Waitlisting revisted Implementation of student wait listing for course registration. For Spring 2020 Complete 6/19/2019 10/31/2019
Precision Campus data files Data extract files provided via Informer to import to Precision Campus - 3 files Complete 6/25/2019 8/22/2019
Library to Exlibris Convert library systems to utilize Exlibris platform from CCC Tech Center Complete 5/20/2019 1/20/2020
Noncredit Tutoring for FTES Implement processes and interfaces to collect FTES for funding for tutoring Noncredit students.    Complete Complete 6/1/2019 8/26/2019
MIS Reporting to CCC Analyze, clean, and submit mandated data to Chancellor’s Office Complete 5/27/2019 7/1/2019
Colleague Quarterly patches Install, test and apply Colleague year-end patch updates.  W2, 1099, 1098T, etc Complete 1/6/2020 1/21/2020
Accommodate Accommodate software for student/instructor accommodations Complete 5/25/2019 7/19/2019