Student Email 2

If you currently have a WebAdvisor account and cannot log into your student email, please follow these steps to activate your email account.

  1. First, open the WebAdvisor home page and select: Sign up for WebAdvisor access (It's FREE!). Even though you already have a WebAdvisor account, you will need to refresh and synchronize your account to update the system.

    Screenshot of where to locate Sign up for WebAdvisor access in Webadvisor.

  2. Select “Create your Ohlone Account” from the next page.

    Screenshot of where to locate Create Your Ohlone Account after clicking Sign up for WebAdvisor access (It's Free!).

  3. Enter your Ohlone Student ID number in the ID Box, followed by your first and last name, birthday, and zip code. The ID number must be 7 digits. Don’t forget the leading zero. The information must match exactly what you entered on your application. This information is required for your protection to confirm your identity.

    Screenshot of Login Validation or Authentication Information form to create an account.

    If your entry does not match our records, you will get the message below in red.

    If you receive this “invalid data” error, the most common cause is an incorrect zip code. If you have moved since applying to Ohlone please try your old zip code. If your name has changed do the same. If you still cannot proceed, follow the instructions below:


    “Invalid Data: The information you have entered does not match your student record. To protect your privacy, the information you enter must be identical to your student record. You may try to enter your information again by clicking here.
    If you receive the invalid data error message again, please contact the Office of Admissions and Records by e-mail or by phone at 510-659-6100. Please provide your student ID number, first and last name, birthdate, and zip code so Admissions and Records staff can compare that information to your student record. Thank you”

    On the next page, answer the security question you created when you signed up. It is case sensitive. If you do not remember the answer to your question, it can be reset by IT Services and you can create a new one.

    Screenshot of the next page - Security Question and Answer form.

    The next page is “Set Password.” Read the Password Policy and make sure you follow the instructions exactly.

    Screenshot of the next page - Set password and indicating Password Policy.

    After you have created your password, you should see the following page:

    Screenshot of the activation complete confirmation and where to locate  Manage your Ohlone Account.

    Screenshot of close up sidebar to locate Manage your Ohlone Account. On the menu under the logo, click “Manage your Ohlone Account”.


    There is a popup Authentication window. Type your username and password.

    Screenshot of the Authenication popup window.

    If you enter incorrect information, you will see this message:

    Screenshot of the error message: Authorization required - This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wroing credentials (e.g., bad password), your browswer doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required.

  4. On the left hand menu, click “Synchronize your Account”.

    Screenshot of where to locate Synchronize your account.

    Type your current password in the box.

    Screenshot of Synchronize your Account page.

    You should get this message:

    Screenshot of successful synchronized account message.

  5. Log in using your student email address and password. Remember your email address is your WebAdvisor username (for example, and your password is your WebAdvisor password. Log in to your Ohlone Student Email.

If you have any problem or questions, email the IT Service Desk at We will respond to your support request/question as soon as we can in the order they have been received.

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