James Randi"Prophecy, Divination, and Faith Healing" - Psychology Club Speaker Series

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The Ohlone College Psychology Club is proud to announce the latest installment in the Psychology Club Speaker Series.

In this talk, former magician and escape artist, James Randi, discusses his investigation of self-described faith healers, psychics, infomercial gurus, and medical charlatans.

(Video is not captioned; no transcript.)
  • "Religious" services on cable TV and after-dark infomercials steal billions of dollars from the gullible in our society promising healing, financial largesse, and advance on people's love lives and futures.
  • Although their success rate is dismal, the money continues to pour in!
  • Why are people so committed to embracing such nonsense as faith healing, financial guruism, psychic predictions, and the like?

Magician and critical thinker James Randi has investigated the claims of hundreds of psychics, pseudoscientists and other purveyors of film-flam, and has devoted his life to sharing his conclusions with millions through his many TV appearances, lectures, and writings.

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ASOCThis talk funded in part by the Associated Students of Ohlone College.

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