Personal stuff:

Me and my awesome wife

I was born in Queens, New York (we moved away from there when I was 6 weeks old so I don't have a New York accent but I like to think I got the New York attitude in those 6 weeks). As a child, we lived in several parts of the United States but most of my childhood was spent in Louisville, Kentucky. We moved to the Bay Area when I was in high school and, with the exception of 2 years during college, I have lived here ever since. 

In August 2012, I married my best friend, Carol. 

School stuff:

Everyone should own a kilt!

I am a very proud community college graduate! 

I graduated (barely) from high school and started attending the local community college because I could not think of anything else to do. Since I was not a good student in high school, I had a lot of catching up to do. I did not take a math class my first semester and was placed in Algebra I, which I took my second semester. It took 2 years to catch up to where I could have been when I graduated from high school and 2 more years to finish my lower division coursework. I graduated from Diablo Valley College (Go Vikings!) in 1990 with an A.A. degree. I transferred to U.C. Davis (Go Aggies!) and graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics in 1992. In 1995, I graduated from San Jose State (Go Spartans!) with a Masters Degree in Mathematics. 

Before coming to Ohlone, I taught at San Jose State, San Jose City College, and Diablo Valley College. I started at Ohlone as a part time instructor in Fall 1995 and was hired as a full time instructor in Fall 1996. I have never had the slightest desire to work anywhere else since! Go Renegades! 

In my time here, I have taught all of the classes offered by the math department. I mostly teach Statistics, Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. Don't ask me which one is my favorite because my answer will be all of them!

I think I have the best job ever and plan to be at Ohlone College until I retire.

TEDx Stuff:

In September 2019 I was part of Ohlone College's TEDx event Breaking Free: (Re)defining the Undefined.  It was a huge honor and a lot of fun! 

My talk is titled "Imaginary Numbers are Not Imaginary" and is actually all about Differential Equations and Physics but I didn't let anyone in the audience know it was about that.

Stanford stuff:

Ingited Fellowship picture

During the summer of 2019 I was lucky enough to get an Ignited Fellowship at Stanford University. 

I worked in the Dynamic Design Lab where they study the design and control of motion, especially as it relates to cars and vehicle safety. Their research blends analytical approaches to vehicle dynamics and control together with experiments in a variety of test vehicles and a healthy appreciation for the talents and demands of human drivers.  Basically, they work on self-driving race cars :-) 

My project involved using some of their data to create educational materials.  Everything that I worked on can be found here:


Music Stuff:


Music is my number one hobby. I have played guitar since I was a kid. I don't think I am a great player but I can hold my own.

I was in the coolest rock-n-roll band ever (at least I think we were the coolest). Volume Control came out of the Jazz Rock Combo class at Ohlone (Music 352). All of the band members were students in that class, including me. The band is currently on hiatus which may or may not last forever. (Clip 1Clip 2)

I also play in Chalkdust with Mark Brosamer from the English department. We think we are pretty good but no one else seems to notice. We once held a benefit that raised –$116 (yes, that is a negative number). We have both decided to keep our day jobs. (Clip)