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Students with facultyOhlone's journalism program has a long and distinguished history. Vol. 1, No. 1 of Ohlone's first student newspaper, then named the Saints' Herald, was published Nov. 2, 1967. At that time, Ohlone was housed in a former convent on Washington Boulevard. Ohlone's present campus did not open until the mid- 1970s, so, in a sense, there was a campus newspaper even before there was a campus. Learn more about Ohlone College's Journalism Department.

The Journalism curriculum is designed to offer students an opportunity for learning writing techniques that can be applied to commercial publications, photojournalism, public relations, advertising, etc. Journalism students become involved in production of the student newspaper, The Monitor. This award-winning publication presents the opportunity to write, edit, design, and finally prepare a publication for distribution throughout the college community.

Journalism Degrees and Certificates

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Accomplishment

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