Journalism Course Descriptions

JOUR-101A Newswriting

This course teaches how to write in the basic news style - who, what, when, where, why and also how and so what? From the fundamental news format, the course moves on to many other types of writing - features, sports, interviews, investigative reporting, backgrounders, broadcast news, etc. Interviewing and news-gathering techniques are covered, along with ethics and libel. Students learn to write by writing a lot. Final project is a news or feature story suitable for publication.

JOUR/ENGL-106 Censorship and Literature

This literature course focuses on the issues of censorship and obscenity. Selected works will be closely examined in an attempt to encourage students to formulate their own standards in this controversial area.

JOUR/ART-145 Digital Photojournalism

This course is designed for students with a career or consumer interest in photography as a communication art. The history, techniques, philosophy and markets of photojournalism are explored through lectures, discussion and appropriate photographic assignments. Emphasis is on photography as a complement to printed material. Digital photographic techniques are stressed, using negative scanners and Photoshop.

JOUR/ART-146, 147, 148 Photography/Graphic Arts Newspaper Staff

Staff members initiate, plan and complete photographic or graphic art assignments for publication in the campus newspaper and/or magazine. Training emphasizes use of techniques and skills that communicate ideas effectively to a mass media audience. Photographers and artists have access to Macintosh computers, scanners and Photoshop for completion of assignments. Students are also introduced tolegal and ethical responsibilities. (JOUR/ART 148 is limited to editors.)

JOUR/BRDC-155 Mass Media and Society

This course teaches the basics of how mass media work - who is saying what to whom, through which channel and why. Since we all consume mass communication, the course aims at a greater understanding of the communication process. It is useful for both communication majors and for the general consumer. Field trips and guest speakers are arranged.

JOUR-170, 171, 172 Newspaper Writing and Editing Staff

Staff members gather information, write and edit stories for publication in the campus newspaper, the Monitor. They also write columns and editorials. Working as a team, the staff plans and designs each issue. JOUR-170 students are expected to contribute one story per issue. JOUR-171 students contribute two stories and help with layout. JOUR-172 students are usually editors or senior writers.

JOUR-173, 174, 175 Magazine Writing and Editing Staff

This course offers students practical experience in preparing feature, informative and/or literary materials for the student magazine. They also plan and design the publication and conduct an annual literary/art contest. Students write stories and poetry, take photos, make illustrations, design pages and, ultimately, produce the yearly campus magazine, The Legend.

JOUR-176, 177, 178 Advertising Staff

This course offers practical experience in advertising production related to the student newspaper, magazine and special college projects. Staff members sell, design and paste up ads, maintain regular accounts and solicit new advertisers. (Formerly JOUR-114-116.)