Keitaro Taguchi, Instructor - English Department

Hello! My name is Mike Taguchi, and I am one of the full-time English faculty with Ohlone College. I have been with Ohlone College since late 2012 and have taught both the ESL and English courses here. In addition to teaching, I act as the current English Department Coordinator and am a member of the Curriculum Committee as well.

Contact Information

Keitaro Mike Taguchi, MA


English Department

(510) 659-6006

Room 4316, Building 4, third floor, Fremont campus

Courses Taught at Ohlone

  • ESL-181LS Listening & Speaking, Level 1
  • ESL-183LS Listening & Speaking, Level 3
  • ESL-181RW Reading & Writing, Level 1
  • ESL-183RW Reading & Writing, Level 3
  • ENGL-151A Fundamentals of Composition
  • ENGL-151B Fundamentals of Composition
  • ENGL-101A Reading & Written Composition
  • ENGL-101B Reading/Comp Intro to Lit
  • ENGL-101C Critical Thinking & Comp

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Students may also be required to pay additional fees for access to online resources that are not available through the Ohlone College Bookstore. Please check with the instructor.

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Keitaro Mike Taguchi is an instructor of English and ESL at Ohlone College. He has a BA in English Composition and an MA in English with an emphasis in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Born to parents from Sapporo, Japan, Mike originally grew up speaking Japanese as his main language but quickly learned to become bilingual with English and Japanese. After graduating from his first four years of college, he went to Japan, to teach English for three years. After obtaining his Master's degree, he moved to South Korea to teach English for an additional seven years. "I really enjoy teaching at Ohlone," says Mike. "The students are always eager to learn, the staff are really supportive, and my fellow colleagues are always welcoming. In fact, it is this 'support network' that makes me feel comfortable and proud to work at Ohlone." Mike enjoys spending his free time playing with his daughter; using his computer to watch a variety of programs and search for various news articles; creating and playing games (board, card, and video games); and drawing pictures (anime style).


  • BA-English Composition, CSU Sacramento
  • MA-English/TESOL, CSU Hayward

Professional Memberships

  • TESOL International Association