Ohlone Latinx Orientation

Latino/a/x Orientation 

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Questions?  Email Mike DeUnamuno at mdeunamuno@ohlone.edu

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The purpose of the Latinx Recruitment and Retention Committee (LRRC) is to coordinate efforts that contribute to the recruitment, retention, and success of Latinx students at Ohlone College.


The committee’s activities include:

  • Supporting and collaborating with the Latinx programs and organizations on campus, including but not limited to Chicano/Latino Studies, Puente, M.E.Ch.A., and S.A.C.N.A.S.

  • Participating in outreach efforts in the local community

  • Organizing Latinx events on campus

  • Providing resources and advocating for Dreamers

  • Organizing transfer and student success related workshops and activities for the Latinx student population

  • Collaborating on efforts that bridge instruction and student services


Resources for Students:

Brochure - Latinx Resources and Programs

Chicano/Latino Studies and Ethnic Studies Certificates

MEChA Flyer

Puente Brochure



Resources for Undocumented Students:

Undocumented Students (AB540)

How to Enroll as an AB540 Student

Financial Aid: California Dream Act