Learning Communities at Ohlone College

About Learning Communities

New! A2Pi Launchpad Learning Community

Learn more about a great new Learning Community that starts in the Fall 2016 Semester! The A2Pi Launchpad Learning Community is primarily directed towards African American, Pacific Island and Hispanic students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, with a focus on Engineering.

A Learning Community is a group of two to four courses linked together so students can make connections between different subjects.

The most valuable thing about being in a learning community was the ability to learn and connect the different subjects together to gain a more complete understanding of all subjects.

Faculty collaborate to create common themes, assignments, and interactive projects. Students work together, support one another, and foster the success of their peers.

Being part of a Learning Community allows students to grow and learn as part of smaller social and academic communities within the larger Ohlone College setting.

The online and printed class schedules indicate the classes that are a part of a Learning Community. Make sure that you register for every class in the Learning Community; you'll receive an error message if you don't register for all of the classes in the Learning Community.

Students socializing near the Ohlone Quad.

Join a Learning Community

The learning community has given me confidence enough to be comfortable in myself and want more than I did before.

  • Become more engaged in your classes
  • Participate in more hands-on, meaningful learning
  • Develop both academic and social support networks of peers and faculty
  • Interact closely with dedicated faculty
  • Develop college success skills

Working in a Learning Community has invigorated and forced me to reinvent myself and how I teach. It's terrific to have a pal digging in with you, sharing the challenges and the successes. But most importantly, the learning that the students come away with is jam-packed with those 'AH HAH!!!' moments that drew me into teaching in the first place.
- Tom Blank, Theatre Faculty

Learning Communities are a great way to help you succeed through difficult semesters.
- Jessica, University Express student

Taking classes in a learning community is an experience that can't be replaced by anything else.
- Surjit, University Express student

Two female students studying together in the Ohlone Library.

Contact Information

For questions regarding Learning Communities, please contact the appropriate academic department.

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