Legislative Updates - Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

Ohlone College actively follows legislative issues that affect community colleges at the state and federal level. The College receives updates that keep the President and the Board of Trustees informed of important senate or assembly bills being discussed or voted on.

These updates, and the actions taken to inform legislators of our position on the various bills, are posted below.

Community College League Legislative Updates

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  • Senate Bill 1602: (Liu) Increasing Leadership Capacity in the Chancellor's Office to Support Greater Student Success (PDF)
    • SB 1602 provides the Chancellor greater latitude in hiring individuals to fill career executive assignment (CEA) positions to include people with relevant community college, higher education and workforce development experience. It doesn't not change existing processes or shut out state civil service candidates from being considered. The bill will bring CCC hiring practices in line with the UCs and CSUs, which currently have the same latitudes and will increase the hiring pools for the Chancellor's Office. This change is in line with recommendations made in the Student Success Task Force Recommendations.
  • Item 6870 - California Community Colleges: RDA HOLD HARMLESS LANGUAGE (PDF)
    • Currently, K-12 district funding automatically adjusts for property tax or fee revenues fall short of estimates. The RDA Hold Harmless provision would be inserted into the governor's budget for 2012-13 that would provides similar funding protection for community colleges allowing them to maintain the level of services without funding uncertainties. For more information, see the CCLC's Advocacy Information web page at AB 2591 (Furutani): Community Colleges: Property Tax Revenues (PDF) - AB2591 creates a backfill of funding in case of a shortage in property tax collections, similar to the K-12 system.
      • Actions taken: Action Requested: Ohlone has a letter in support of AB 4921 to Assemblymember Warren Furutani, the Committee Consultant and all 16 members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
      • In addition, Ohlone has sent a letter in support of AB 2591 (Furutani) to all 9 members of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, and the Committee Consultant.

    Advocacy Groups

    Ohlone College is a member of the ACCCA, Association of California Community College Administrators, also provides updates that are helpful.

    All actions regarding legislative positions that are taken on behalf of the District are approved by the President and by the Board of Trustees

    Teresa Cox.
    Greg Bonaccorsi.
    Rich Watters.
    Vivien Larsen.
    Garrett Yee.
    Ishan Shah.
    Jan Giovannini-Hill.
    Miguel Fuentes.