The Department of Library Science is part of the Language, Communication, and Academic Success Division. Library courses fulfill the general education Information Competency requirement.

Courses Offered:

  • LS101 - Steps to Successful Research
    • 1 unit; 18 hrs lecture; Advisory: Elig. for ENGL 151B and ENGL 163
    • Accepted for Credit: CSU and UC

This course introduces students to information retrieval and evaluation. Students choose a topic; design a research strategy; find and evaluate online and print sources relating to their topic; and create an annotated bibliography as a final project. (CR)

Please see this example course syllabus for more information (the course syllabus distributed each section will provide more specific information for that section).

  • LS151 - Internet for Research
    • .5 unit; 9 hrs lecture
    • Accepted for Credit: CSU

This course focuses on finding and evaluating information on the Internet for academic research. The course introduces students to the principles of Internet search strategies, citation styles, and how to avoid plagiarism. (CR)