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"Live Free or Die."

Linux penguin logo.Get Linux+ certified as a Linux Systems Administrator. Ohlone College is an accredited training center for Linux certification.

Linux software is rapidly being integrated by government agencies and major corporate IT departments around the world. What are the reasons for this move? Linux is stable, configurable, flexible, and, most of all, customizable. It can be used in situations as diverse as real-time process control and as simple as traditional IT shop database applications. Furthermore, Linux provides corporate clients complete control over system configuration and upgrades.

CompTIA Linux+ Certification

CompTIA logo.The CompTIA Linux+ certification is a new standard of competency for technicians with six-months experience installing, operating and maintaining Linux operating systems.

The Linux+ certification validates technical competency and provides a broad awareness of Linux operating systems. Those holding Linux+ certification demonstrate critical knowledge of installation, operation, administration and troubleshooting services.

Linux+ and Your Career

The demand for skilled Linux support professionals has grown significantly and candidates as well as the industry have indicated that a foundation-level certification for this job function is necessary.

Recommended Ohlone Courses, Length, Units, and Sequence
Semester Course Length Units
Semester One CNET-150 Network Operating Systems 16 weeks 3
CNET-146 Introduction to UNIX/Linux 16 weeks 3
Semester Two CNET-140A Linux Installation and Configuration 8 weeks 2
CNET-140B Linux System Administration 8 weeks 2

Review academic requirements in the Catalog and in the Curriculum Guides. All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and discuss their long-range academic plan.

CompTIA Linux+ GeneraI Exam Information

The CompTIA Linux+ certification exam validates the knowledge and abilities of individuals with at least six months of practicaI Linux experience.

The exam tests seven domain areas:

  • Planning and lmplementation (4%)
  • Installation (12%)
  • Configuration (15%)
  • Administration (18%)
  • System Maintenance (14%)
  • Troubleshooting (18%)
  • Identify, Install and Maintain System Hardware (19%)

For more information, contact:

Lesley Buehler
Dean, Business, Technology, and Career Technical Education Division

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For information about "Live Free or Die", see Live Free or Die by Robert McMillan, Linux Magazine, 15 January 2000,