Loss of Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (BOGW) - Financial Aid Office

Please be aware that a student that continues on a second consecutive term (Fall/Spring semesters) on academic or progress probation will result in the loss of the BOGW Fee Waiver.

  1. Complete the student information section of the Appeal for Loss of Enrollment Priority and/or BOGW Fee Waiver (PDF) and a typed narrative of your situation. Contact the Counseling Department to schedule an appointment. (If you are a current or former Foster Youth, you are exempted from this process. Please contact the Admissions and Records Office.) When making an appointment with a counselor, let the scheduler know you are requesting an appeal and will need a comprehensive education plan or will be updating your current education plan.

  2. If you are a CalWORKs, EOPS, DSPS, or Veteran student you must meet with the appropriate program Counselor. Bring the Appeal Form with you to your appointment with your written statement and supporting documentation.

  3. If you are requesting an appeal for Academic/Progress probation due to Extenuating Circumstances such as verified illness, accident or circumstances beyond your control, or documented changes in your economic situation have your supporting documentation ready. (Supporting documentation are doctor's notes, accident report, loss of job, etc.)

  4. Submit the completed Appeal Form to Admissions and Records with all of the supporting documentation that is indicated on the form based on your appeal reason (Appeal Form, written statement, comprehensive education plan, and supporting documentation). Any missing information will result in your Enrollment Priority/BOGW Fee Waiver Appeal form being rejected.

For Distance Education (100% Online Students Only)

  1. If you are a Distance Ed (online) student (100% online courses), you can download the Appeal for Loss of Enrollment Priority and/or BOGW Fee Waiver (PDF) from the Admissions and Records website.

  2. You will need to complete the appeal form and provide your written (typed) statement and any supporting documentation that would support your appeal and either fax it to the Counseling Department at (510) 659-7344 or scan and email the form to your counselor. You will need a phone appointment to complete the appeal and complete a comprehensive education plan or to update your current education plan. You may call (510) 659-6110 for an appointment or use the Online Counseling Form. Make sure the scheduler knows you are doing an appeal and a comprehensive student education plan.

  3. After meeting with a counselor, take this form along with your supporting documentation (Appeal, written statement, comprehensive education plan, and supporting documentation) to the Admissions and Records Office for processing. Please note that processing requests may take up five (5) working days. It is your responsibility to ensure that the documentation is received in Admissions and Records and filed by the established due date.

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