Pinched and Pulled, Ceramic sculptures by Ohlone College instructor Jennifer Brazelton - Louie-Meager Art Gallery

Large wall sculpture shaped as a V with rounded pieces on the front; resemb;es two branches with large puffy leaves.Israel/Palestine, 60″ w. x 63″ h. x 7″ d. Ceramic. -Photo by Wilfred J. Jones.
  • Exhibit runs: August 26 - September 23, 2016
  • Gallery Reception and Artist Talk: Thursday, September 8, 2016, 1:30pm - 3:00pm
  • Open to the Public
  • Free
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Artist Jennifer Brazelton wants you to experience nationalism in new and unexpected ways. For the past three years she has been creating sculptures using maps of nations whose shapes are altered by human population data. These oddly distorted two-dimensional cartogram drawings were created by Benjamin D. Hennig's PhD research. Jennifer transforms these maps through research and her creative process into three-dimensional sculptures. She layers organic and patterned surfaces over the undulating clay in an effort to make the sculptures pulse with life. The countries she sculpts are topical and in the media. An article about the series is available at Views of the World: Shaping the Arab World.

Ms. Brazelton received her MFA from San Francisco State University and works from her studio in Oakland, CA. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Bumpy Terrain at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery and New Cartographic Constructions at The Bothwell Art Center. Jennifer currently teaches at California State University East Bay, Merritt College, and Ohlone College. You can view her work on her website at

Fish with large light blue eyes and light blue with black circle scales.Russia, 39" w. x 17" h. x 4" d. Ceramic, Metal base. -Photo by Wilfred J. Jones.
Fish sculpture made of grey, red, cream colored rocks wrapped with wire.Woman at large table with large map-like sculpture on it and other sculptures on the wall behind her.
Left: Iraq, 8" w. x 17" h. x 7" d. Ceramic, Glue, Metal base. -Photo by Wilfred J. Jones.Right: Studio overview with artist. -Photo by Kurt Fishback.

Photo credits:

  • Studio overview with artist-photo credit Kurt Fishback
  • Individual artwork: Russia, Iraq, Israel/Palestine-photo credit Wilfred J. Jones