Lytton Center Award for Equity and Social Change

This award acknowledges the work of groups or individuals working toward social justice and equity by linking together past, present, and future. Recipients give a talk to the Ohlone College community; the goal is to expose students, faculty, and staff to remarkable people who are making history through advocacy and activism, aligned with the mission of the Lytton Center.


Doreen Elizabeth Lytton Outstanding Student Award

This award goes to a student whose work in either history or political science is inspired by a love of the discipline and a desire to know more. The award honors a student with a passion for studying the past, with an eye on the present and the future. More than just excelling in scholarship, the winner of this award shares their love of the discipline as a writer and as a teacher, qualities that are integral to becoming a historian or political scientist in the future. Perhaps more important, the winner of this award shows growth and tenacity in their studies, qualities that will hopefully invigorate the field for the next generation of scholars. 

  • Previous recipients in history: Elaine Nicholson, Gabriel De La O



Grants Program

Spring 2022 Deadline: TBD

Please contact for application.

The grants program aims to build programming for Ohlone College students by establishing new, transformational experiences for the Ohlone community that will enrich the educational environment of the campus and beyond. All applicants must be employees of Ohlone College for the duration of their proposed project or, if an outside individual/agency, must have an Ohlone employee serve as their campus contact. The grants program does not accept funding proposals for individual professional development or professional leave at this time. The maximum amount for a grant award is $2500.


Student Activities Grants Program

The student activities grants program aims to help student organizations/clubs/learning communities recruit and retain members and engage in exciting activities that will benefit the Ohlone College community. This grants program is only for student activities and groups; it is not to support individual activities, professional development, professional leave, or academic programs. All applicants must be an advisor/mentor of an active student club/organization/learning community at Ohlone College. The maximum amount for a grant award is $1500.


Completed Grant Projects

(last updated: November 2021)

  • Supplying the Ohlone Math Gateway (OMG) Program (faculty lead: Jeff O'Connell)
  • Code for Good: Building Social and Humanitarian Tech (faculty lead: Suporn Chenhansa)
  • Exploring and Empowering Deaf People of Color (student club: ASL Club)
  • One Book, Two Hearts (faculty lead: Jennifer Hurley)
  • Madhubani Installation on the Ohlone Campus (faculty lead: Katie Frank)
  • Student Volunteership for COVID-19 Contact Tracing (faculty lead: Rebecca Ryan)
  • Ohlone College Gender Sex Fair, Guest Speaker Miranda Olzman (faculty lead: Brenda Ahntholz)
  • Umoja Film Screening: "TherActivist" (faculty lead: Maggie McKenzie)


Library Resources

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: U.S. Major Dailies

Starting in Spring 2020, the Lytton Center provided funding to include this database in Ohlone College's suite of library databases. As ProQuest describes, “From leading issues and events, like the U.S. Civil War, immigration, westward expansion, industrial developments, race relations, and World War I and II; to international, local and regional politics, society, arts, culture, business, and sports, ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ reveals the day-to-day news coverage to researchers and historical explorers, providing invaluable insights and information to users from a wide range of subjects.”


The New York Times

Beginning in Spring 2021, the Lytton Center provided funding for an academic site license to The New York TimesThis license allows Ohlone College community members to access historical (from 1851) and current content from the website directly, including all multimedia (e.g., video, photography, and VR features), while also offering personalized access via the mobile app. In addition, the license gives access to inEducation, a collection of resources designed for educators in various areas of study.


Ethnic Diversity Source

Beginning in Spring 2022, the Lytton Center will provide funding for a new full-text database dedicated to covering the culture, traditions, social treatment, and lived experiences of different ethnic groups in America. This database provides full-text from a comprehensive list of sources including peer-reviewed journals, magazines, e-books, biographies, and primary source documents.

Reading Group

To demonstrate our commitment to education, reflection, and action, the Lytton Center sponsors an annual reading group discussion for the Ohlone College community. We provide physical copies of books to all participants and host reading group discussions throughout the fall semester.



2020-2021 Academic Year

Beginning in Fall 2020, the Lytton Center piloted a scholar-mentor program in a select number of history courses. To become scholar-mentors, students completed a full-day training session prior to the fall semester, a ten-week online training program during the fall semester, and offered weekly tutoring in a history course.

  • Fall 2020: ten scholar-mentors
  • Spring 2021: six scholar-mentors


2021-2022 Academic Year

Beginning in Fall 2021, the Lytton Center expanded the scholar-mentor program to include a select number of political science courses.

  • Fall 2021: 11 scholar-mentors (eight in history, three in political science)
  • Spring 2022: TBD