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Motorcycle Parking Permits and Spaces


Motorcycle Semester Parking Permits

Student's with motorcycles may purchase a semester motorcycle parking permit at a discounted price. This permit does not need to be displayed, however, failure to maintain a valid parking permit for the motorcycle will result in a citation/fine. If a student has a valid regular semester parking permit, a separate motorcycle permit is not necessary, as long as the motorcycle is also registered under the regular permit number.

Staff members with motorcycles are not required to display their permit, but must have their motorcycle registered with Ohlone Campus Police Services. Part-time staff or adjunct faculty must renew their parking permit annually before the start of each fall semester.

Daily permits are also available for motorcycles at the regular daily rate. It is the owner/driver's responsibility to visibly display the valid daily permit on the motorcycle. Issued citations as a result of lost, stolen, or daily permits that are not visibly displayed, shall not be deemed an excusable circumstance for citation dismissal.

Purchase a Motorcycle Semester Parking Permit

A Motorcycles Semester Parking Permit may be purchased (non-refundable) purchased online at Ohlone's PayMyCite website. A Motorcycle Semester Parking Permit is valid for the semester purchased.


Motorcycle Parking at Fremont Campus

Motorcycles parked in motorcycle parking spaces on Fremont campus.With a valid parking permit, a student, staff member, or visitor may park a motorcycle:

  • Motorcycles may be parked in any motorcycle specified parking stalls (parking lot W and South Parking Structure levels 2 and 4), or in regular vehicle parking stalls in compliance with parking rules and regulations.

Motorcycle Parking at Newark Campus

With a valid parking permit, a student, visitor, or staff member may park a motorcycle:

  • anywhere a vehicle (car or truck, etc.) may legally park in Parking Lots B, C, D, E, or the Overflow Parking Lot

Parking Violations

A parking regulations.

Parking regulations are enforced by Ohlone College CPS at (510) 659-6111.