Math Adjunct Faculty Information Sheet

Contact Information
Name Telephone Office Email
Bob Bradshaw / Math Faculty (510) 659-6027 Room 6109
Irene Benavidez / Executive Assistant (510) 659-6191 Room FP-26-111
DangTo Ta / Math Learning Center Assistant (510) 659-6174 Room HH-220
Bob Bradshaw / Dean (510) 659-6024 Room FP-26-110

Helpful Information

  • College Faculty FAQs:

    There is a list of Faculty FAQs by the Office of Academic Affairs.

  • Computer Access:

    Any of the computers in Hyman Hall are available for your use.

  • Copy Machine:

    There is a copy machine available about 20 feet down the hall and around the corner from the mailroom. You will need your Colleague ID Number. This number is found on your paystub and other documents. A better choice is to use the Duplicating Center. See the Duplicating Services.

  • Course Information:
    A quick summary of each of the math courses.

  • Email:

    You will have a college email address. It is the primary way of contacting you for college business. You can access the account from any web browser by going to However, you can follow the Webmail Email Instructions to set up your mail application (Outlook, Entourage, etc.).

  • Faculty Handbook:

    The Faculty Handbook is for all faculty and is available online.

  • Mailroom:

    See Mail Services.

  • Maps:

    You can find Maps of the Fremont and Newark campuses on the website.

  • Math Website:

    The Math Department website contains a large amount of information, including sample tests and course textbook coverage.

  • Printing Handouts:

    You can use the copy machine around the corner from the mailroom but Duplicating Services (inside of the mailroom) provides quick service, usually one day.

  • Textbooks:

    You can get textbooks by contacting Bob Bradshaw ( or the Math Learning Center Assistant, DangTo Ta ( You do not need to order your own copies or to place an order with the bookstore for your class.

  • Website:

    If you want to have a website for your college material, go to Options for Faculty Websites.