Mu Alpha Theta (Mathematics Club)


The Mu Alpha Theta (μαΘ) club at Ohlone is for students who house a passion for mathematics.

The main purpose of the club is also its cause of existence: to prepare a strong Ohlone team to represent the college in the national AMATYC mathematics competition. When not preparing for the tests, the club members indulge in solving interesting mathematics problems.


Club Advisor

Geoffrey Hirsch
Mu Alpha Theta (μαΘ) Club Advisor


To become a member of the Mu Alpha Theta (μαΘ) club you must be an Ohlone College student. A passion for mathematics is a plus but not necessary. In order to join, please come to one of our regular meetings and approach anyone among our friendly group.

Contact for more information!


AMATYC is an acronym for American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. This AMATYC Test is conducted by the above mentioned group.


This test has two rounds to it. The first round is administered during fall semester. The date is usually around early November.

The second round of this test is administered during the spring semester and is usually set in March.

Students are not required to take both tests. A student who did not take the first test can take the second test.


This test consists of 20 multiple choice questions which require very deep understanding of pre-calculus-level Mathematics. Each correct response fetches you 2 points and each incorrect response reduces your score by 0.5 points. There is no penalty for questions you leave blank.

Past Student Mathematics League (SML) questions and answer keys are available on the AMATYC website.