Self-Paced Math Classes - Mathematics Department

What is "self-paced"?

Self-paced classes are not your traditional math class; they are designed for people who have strong time management skills and are independent learners. During class time, computers will be provided and each student will work at his/her own pace to complete each of the required mathematical sections. Self-paced is neither an online class nor a class where an instructor will stand at the board and teach you the concepts. Rather, you will complete all your work on classroom computers, which are provided, and learn the material on your own with the assistance of the Hawkes learning system, tutors, and the professor. You may bring in your own laptop but that is not required. You are expected to keep up with the deadlines, which will be assigned to you on the first day of class. Since self-paced is not an online class, class attendance is mandatory.

The following math classes are offered in the self-paced format:

  • MATH-151A: Algebra 1 (Part 1)
  • MATH-151B: Algebra 1 (Part 2)
  • MATH-152A: Algebra 2 (Part 1)
  • MATH-152B: Algebra 2 (Part 2)
  • MATH-153: Intermediate Algebra

  • MATH-190A: Basic Math (Part 1)
  • MATH-190B: Basic Math (Part 2)
  • MATH-191: Pre-Algebra

*Note: MATH-190A and MATH-190B are not using the Hawkes Learning System. Please see your instructor for any questions regarding getting started with the course.

Self-Paced Student Resources

Getting Started

What is the Hawkes Access Code?

Each self-paced student is required to purchase his or her own unique Hawkes Access Code in order to use the Hawkes Learning System. Purchasing the Access Code will enable students to access practice problems, homework assignments, and exams.

How do I obtain the Hawkes Access Code?

You can either purchase your access code through the Ohlone College bookstore or the

Hawkes Learning website. If you purchase through Hawkes, see below.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to and click "Get Your Access Code"
  3. Under "Purchase an Access Code", click "Click Here"
  4. School Name: Ohlone
  5. Please select your product:
    • If enrolled in Introductory Algebra, select 151 A/B
    • If enrolled in Intermediate Algebra, select 152, 153
    • If enrolled in Pre-Algebra, select 191
  6. On the amount shown after selecting the product, click "Add"
  7. Click "View Cart & Checkout" - Fill in the required information - Click "Pay Now"
  8. Upon payment, you will receive your Access Code and it will also be sent to the e-mail address you provided. **Be sure to note down your Access Code, as you will need it each time you log into the Hawkes Learning Software during class.

How do I download the Hawkes Learning System software?

  1. Go to
  2. Select a product to download
    • If enrolled in MATH-151 A/B, select Introductory Algebra
    • If enrolled in MATH-152 or 153, select Intermediate Algebra
    • If enrolled in MATH-191, select Prealgebra
  3. Download the appropriate software for your device.
    • For PC: Select "Student Complete Install for PC"
    • For Mac: Select "Student Install for Mac"

How do I log into the Hawkes learning system?

  1. Upon downloading the software, an icon will appear on your device's Desktop. Click the icon to access the Hawkes Learning system.
  2. Enter the Hawkes Course ID
    • If enrolled in Introductory Algebra, type OhloneIDA
    • If enrolled in Intermediate Algebra, type OhloneIMA
    • If enrolled in Pre-Algebra, type OhlonePRE
  3. Enter your Access Code (this was provided to you at the time of your checkout when purchasing the access code and should also be in your e-mail)
  4. Select your Instructor name
  5. Select your Section and Course name
  6. Select "Enroll"

Using the Hawkes Learning System

Learn.What is "Learn"?

Upon starting each section that is assigned to you, it is crucial that you go through the "Learn" in order to thoroughly understand the material of each mathematical concept. "Learn" consists of examples, step-by-step solutions, and other important information regarding the topic.

Practice.What is "Practice"?

After going through the "Learn", start by practicing problems so you can reinforce the material you have just learned. "Practice" does not count towards your grade. It is only for you to practice. You may go through practice problems as many times as you'd like.

Certify.What is "Certify"?

"Certify" is the only part that counts towards your course grade. For each section that is listed on your sheet, you must certify before you can take the test. In order to certify, you are required to correctly answer a certain amount of questions within a given number of strikes. For example, if there are 13 questions and you are allowed 3 strikes, this means that you must correctly answer 10 out of the 13 questions. If you go over the number of strikes, you will be directed to re-start your certify. You can attempt Certify as many times as you would like. You will not be penalized for the number of times you attempt Certify. *Note: You may also pause your Certify and come back to it later.

How do I know which sections I need to complete?

Prior to taking each exam, you are required to certify a certain number of sections in the Hawkes Learning System. The required sections to certify are listed in the assignment sheets, which are provided below for each class:

You must be online when you certify otherwise your certification will not be registered.

By which date do I have to complete each Part?

Your instructor will assign you the suggested completion dates for each Part on the first day of class.

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