Meeting Notes December 4, 2014 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Wayne Takakuwa, Shyam Sundar, Susan Gutkind, Jesse MacEwan, Debbie Trigg, Kathleen Schoenecker, Nan Zhou, Laurel Duchowny, Mark Lieu and Jennifer Harper.

Program Updates - (Jen)


  • Those who do not attend orientation need lots of follow up
  • We are currently doing combination orientations with assessment and orientation offered together
  • Orientations are available on-line and in-person
  • The on-line orientation process needs work as it currently takes students one week to be enrolled (Susan will follow up with Lesley B.)


  • About 40% of students place into Engl 151A or below and this constitutes our core basic skills group
  • About 27% place into Math 190/191 which is another core basic skills group
  • The percentages for placements are fairly constant each term
  • Wayne and Jesse noted there is an issue with having too few Math 190/191 sections
  • SSSP needs to help address how to outreach to basic skills as part of the SSSP plan
  • Suggestion to use this data for a larger discussion across campus in terms of student needs
  • Robertson High has asked us to offer a PD class, as a pilot orientation class, at the high school. The PD Committee and Dean will look at this option.
  • There continues to be issues with room/space for assessments at Newark (Susan will follow up )

Comprehensive Student Education Plans (cSEP)

  • About 550 students needs SEPs at this time (these are students starting Fall 2013 or later who have completed at least 3 semesters and 15 units)
  • There will be 500-700 more students needing SEPs after Fall 2014
  • cSEP workshops were piloted with student athletes for Fall 2014 and had mixed results
  • Tony will pilot cSEP workshops for general students in Spring 2015 and evaluate the results
  • How many cSEPs did counseling complete for Fall 2014? (Kathleen?)

Student Planner

  • Susan Gutkind continues to work with the team on technical issues around implementation
  • The planner team will have a meeting with Cabrillo to discuss their model
  • Lots of IT work still needs to be completed before Ohlone can unveil this product

Early Alert Brainstorm - (Susan)

  • Starfish is one product that offers Early Alert type technology (it also integrates Blackboard and WebAdvisor)
  • Susan Gutkind will work with Lesley to understand what Blackboard can do for Early Alert
  • Discussion on what we want Early Alert to do -
    • Refer to all services (tutoring, counseling, mental health, health center, ombudsman, DSPS)
    • Coordinate and track students for a holistic approach
    • SSSP suggests forming a small focus group to continue this discussion, with faculty, across campus
    • Suggestion to use our data to have a campus-wide discussion on instilling a reading (or similar) prerequisite across campus to help with overall student success

Next meeting

February 12, 2015 - Room 7340, 10-1130am.