Meeting Notes Thursday, December 5, 2013 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Debbie Trigg, Laura Weaver, Mark Lieu, Kathleen Schoenecker, Jennifer Harper and Ron Travenick.

SSA Updates

  • Ron verified we have received further clarification of MIS standards that he will forward to the committee
  • Jen mentioned we need IT to re-write the registration priorities rule to identify 2nd semester probation/subject to dismissal/dismissal students by April 2015
  • Jen presented to Faculty Senate at the end of November. We need to continue the dialog across campus.
  • The committee believes it is time a non-counseling faculty member joins our committee to help us with our campus-wide collaboration (Jen will follow up)

Discussion of APs

  • AP 5010 Admissions
    • Re-order A, B, C at bottom to A, C, B
    • What is meant by "B" accelerated high school student"? Does this refer to dual enrollment?
  • AP 5300 Student Equity
    • Committee feels Student Equity should be addressed within the SSSP committee
    • Debbie & Mark will dig up the old equity plans to have a look
    • Committee suggests we integrate equity data into our program and course review analysis
  • AP 5110 Counseling
    • Remove "league" language at beginning and end
  • AP 5055 Enrollment Priorities
    • Please clarify the groups within Tier I to show the sub-groups (i.e. 1a Veterans & Foster Youth, 1b EOPS & DSPS, 1c Athletics, ASOC, Note takers)
    • Please clarify open vs. close bullets with indentations
    • Under Tier 2 the last bullet says GE 90 - is this a typo?
    • Under Loss of Priority please remove the "getting to 75%" and clarify if the email will be sent once a student reaches 75 units (solist units, not percent). Also, please add that students on probation are also notified after one semester of probation.
  • AP 5050 Matriculation, AP 5052 Open Enrollment, AP 5070 Attendance, AP 5120 Transfer Center
    • no feedback
  • AP 5075 Course Adds and Drops
    • This policy essentially gets rid of late adds. Is this a new policy?
    • The policy on when we add students (or cut off) may need to be brought to Faculty Senate

College Student Success Staff Development/Get It Done Day Brainstorm

  • Suggestion is to have informative presentations for first half of the day and a work session during the second half
  • Information topic ideas: Early Alert (how to identify & refer students), Motivational Speaker on student success, Resources for Faculty, Clarification of student requirements (assessment, orientation, SEPs, enrollment priorities), Tutoring, Hungry students, I Have A Student Who…
  • Work session topic ideas: Analyzing data, using equity data to look at SLOs and PIOs, Working in departments to address equity and success issues in classes
  • Mark will look into coordinating this event on behalf of the committee
  • Suggestion to have someone on Senate coordinate "just in time" training modules for adjuncts where we'd send out "pieces" of adjunct orientation one week at a time (Jen will follow up).
  • Further coordination with Lesley and Chris Bolt is suggested for Spring 2014

Future Meeting Schedule

Room 7340, 10-1130am.

  • February 13th, 2014
  • February 27th, 2014

Ongoing Projects


We will be changing SARS appointment reason codes by the end of the semester to align with MIS mandates.

  • Jen
  • Wayne
  • Ann
  • Debbie
  • Nan
  • Kathleen Schoenecker
  • Susan

Academic Standing

We need to evaluate the program and timeline for notifying students. There are decisions to be made about where probation students fall within registration priorities and how we want to deal with students who go through workshops to clear their holds.

  • Lenore Landavazo
  • Jen

Student Equity

We volunteers to work with SSA on a possible subcommittee to address student equity on campus. The state is looking at this issue and will be giving CCs direction in the next year or two.

  • Need volunteers


The small group will make recommendations to the department by the end of Fall on what electronic system we may want to move forward on.

  • Mandy
  • Diane
  • Frances


Need to re-vamp orientations to accommodate all new students. We also need a better tracking system and way to ensure all students get initial ed. plans completed during orientations.

  • Jesse
  • Lenore
  • Wayne
  • Kathleen S. (IT)
  • Linh
  • ? Jared and Frances

SSSP Plan (due October 17, 2014)

The committee will need to tie all projects/plans together and write a SSSP plan to be approved by College Council, Senate, etc.

  • Mark Lieu
  • Wayne

College-wide communications

Part of the new legislature requires us to help the entire campus community look at student success issues and how we can all play a role in their success. The committee is putting together a plan to start disseminating this information across the campus. This includes presentations to college council, faculty senate and future staff development training.

  • SSSP committee
  • Ron
  • Jen & Wayne

Counseling Position Proposal

We'd like to pull our data (i.e. how many students we currently see for SEPs, etc. and compare it to those we are now mandated to see) and push forward with position proposals for more counseling monies (part time and/or full time).

  • Need a counselor
  • Can include a counselor to caseload Basic Skills work

SEP Workshops

Need to start thinking about how we are going to see ALL students for comprehensive SEPs. We can essentially do whatever we want here, but it's time to start brainstorming on what we think is the best way to serve more students. Again, there are resources available to help us.

  • Need a counselor
  • Lenore Landavazo

WebAdvisor Error Message Updates

Using the current error message list to try and improve the communications we give out to students

  • Frances
  • John Mullen


A preliminary budget has been approved

  • Wayne
  • Ron

Future/Ongoing Topics for Committee

  • Student Equity
  • Follow up on: matriculation exemptions, WebAdvisor error messages, orientation blocks
  • MIS/SARS data: what do we need to capture; how to reflect this in SARS
  • ESEP
  • Student Service divisions discussion on new matriculation processes within individual programs (i.e. requiring SEP for registration priority)
  • Confidentiality DSPS vs. EOPS vs. General = duplication of services
  • XAP application updates/focusing on new educational goals
  • Technical Priorities list