Meeting Notes Thursday, September 5, 2013 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jesse MacEwan, Wayne Takakuwa, Ann Burdett, Don Penrose, John Mullen, Jennifer Harper, Mark Lieu, Stefanie Ellis-Gonzales and Ron Travenick.

Semester Meeting Schedule

9/5, 9/19, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, 11/21, 12/5.

Orientation Blocks Update

  • Kathleen Schoenecker is working on creating a process in SARS that will move students who attend orientation to Colleague and assign a registration priority to allow them to register
  • Ron and Wayne will set up a meeting with a subgroup (Wayne, Ron, John, Kathleen, Jesse) to begin meeting weekly on this project
  • Goal is to have the "Preferred Sections" available at orientations to allow students to build a schedule in WebAdvisor before leaving orientation
  • Mark recommended we train all deans and administrative assistants on the new processes once things are worked out
  • Ann confirmed there will need to be a registration priority override in place when registering DSPS and other special populations & Ron confirmed this will be fine
  • Will need a clear error message on WebAdvisor to let students know they need to attend orientation before they can register

Funding Update

  • State allocated an additional 50 million dollars to Student Success and approximately 30 million of these dollars are allocated for specific programs/projects
  • It is unclear how the remaining 20 million dollars will be dispersed, but Ohlone hopes to get about 190-200K for this year and annually going forward
  • If Ohlone receives this money we would be close to the 2008 funding level we once had (maybe down by 100K)
  • Next year our funding would be tied to the numbers we are reporting for MIS/SSA act components
  • We need to formalize our plan for assessment, orientation, education plans and at-risk follow up (i.e. does this include tutoring, basic skills, etc.) to maximize funding

WebAdvisor Messages

  • John will try to find an updated list of error messages
  • We need a counselor and student to work with John on updating messages
  • "Closed" should say "available to waitlist"
  • John will research whether or not there is a screen that will show deans/counselors what all student blocks/holds are
  • Student Profile project is on hold until IT re-hires positions

Registration Priorities

  • Ron will research the total number of 2+ semester students on probation and let us know how this might influence registration priority dates/times

Future Meeting Schedule

Room 7340, 10-1130am.

  • September 19th - Matriculation Exemptions
  • October 10th
  • October 24th
  • November 7th
  • November 21st
  • December 5th

Future/Ongoing Topics

  • MIS/SARS data: what do we need to capture; how to reflect this in SARS
  • ESEP (DVC Demo 9/17/13)
  • MIS guidelines
  • Basic Skills interventions (Tony to present in September or October)
  • Confidentiality DSPS vs. EOPS vs. General = duplication of services