Meeting Notes Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jennifer Harper, Wayne Takakuwa and Gillian O'Farrell.

Registration Emails

  • Discussion of the Academic Standing part of the registration emails
  • We'd like to request a line identifying whether or not a student is blocked to register (this can be a yes/no field)
  • We'd only have 2 lines under academic standing. Line 1 would state their standing. Line 2 would say something like "You are blocked for registration due to academic standing- yes or no". We could then skip a few lines and add in something like "If you are blocked from registration or for more information about your academic standing, please click here" (and then route them to the document Ron created last year on tips for continuing students or we could also link them to the counseling website)
  • Jen will send these suggestions to Ron & John

WebAdvisor/My Profile Project

  • Gillian discussed the re-direct screen students will be directed to for updating their address, phone and emails
  • There will be a similar re-direct to change or inactivate majors/programs (there may be a warning window here to alert financial aid recipients of the consequences of changing majors)
  • IT will work with Financial Aid on reports/information to track their student major changes
  • Gillian will follow up with the Business office on the issue of moving the 1098T consent
  • Under Academic Standing we'd like to test the possibility of having a "blocked from registration - yes/no" field (Gillian is not sure this data will make sense given the new timeline for running academic standing as students can see a standing that may not yet be effecting their registration abilities)
  • Under Program/Majors we'd like to rename "Academic Program" to "Academic Program at Ohlone", "Degree" to "Degree/Transfer" and "Major" to "Certificate
  • We propose moving "Educational Goal" above Current Academic Program
  • We will explain the educational goals field in future orientations
  • We'd like to request John look into updating the XAP choices to have the TR.UC and TR.CSU codes show first (or putting them in with an asterisk, so they are the first major to show under a student's academic program)

SSA Updates

  • Jen & Wayne are scheduled to update the counseling department on SSA changes at the April 9th meeting
  • Jen will go over timeline
  • Wayne will discuss the fall changes within the department

Future Meetings

  • April 9th - cancelled
  • April 16th - MyDegreeWorks presentation for Ed. Planning Tool (Heather)
  • April 23rd- Identifying High Unit majors to waive registration priority blocks (we can start with what was previously identified for financial aid students)
  • April 30th
  • May 7
  • May 14 (last meeting of semester)

Future Topics

  • SEPs (initial vs. informed)
  • MIS guidelines
  • Dataworks/SARS SEP examples & Datatel Ed. plans
  • Follow up on ASA codes (what is Ohlone's counselor/student ratio?)