Meeting Notes Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jennifer Harper, Wayne Takakuwa, Heather Ryan, Jesse MacEwan and Gillian O'Farrell (for the first five minutes).

MyDegreeWorks Presentation

  • Heather was scheduled to present this material, but unfortunately, Gavilan's website was down, so we have rescheduled for April 30th at 10am.

WebAdvisor/My Profile Project - brief update

  • Gillian is looking into a way to remove the 1098T consent from the Student Profile. This will need to be approved by Business Services.
  • We'd like to request John look into updating the XAP choices to have the TR.UC and TR.CSU codes show first (or putting them in with an asterisk, so they are the first major to show under a student's academic program) NOTE: PLEASE ADD TR.OTHER TO THIS LIST AS WELL.

SSA Updates - brief update on the CSSO meeting last week and Title 5 draft of education plans

  • Discussion of using this summer/fall orientations to complete the initial education plan in some format (may be electronic, paper, or something the counselor/peer mentor verifies by way of the student registering for classes. This will help us prepare for the mandatory orientations which are starting in November or December.
  • The committee needs clarification on whether or not students can have EITHER a comprehensive or initial education plan per Title V
  • Jesse & Wayne will meet to create a proposal for breaking out summer/fall registration and amending the registration dates for future terms (to be presented to Ron, at Matriculation, on April 30th)
  • Gillian raised concern of Ohlone student education plans not matching their declared majors (we will discuss at a future meeting)
  • We agreed Jesse should continue working with Shasta College to try and get our excel SEP to connect and record data for MIS purposes
  • ASA Codes will use Fall unduplicated headcounts and FTEF 50% + 50% adjunct will = 1 counselor

Future Meetings

  • April 23rd- SSA discussion (please read newest Title V document on education plans), Identifying High Unit majors to waive registration priority blocks (Wayne), Finalize appeal process/approval?
  • April 30th 10-11am: MyDegreeWorks presentation for Ed. Planning Tool (Heather), 11-1130am: follow up matriculation business, 1130-12 Ron/Registration proposal
  • May 7 - 10-11am Continuation of Title V changes/updates (Mandy/Diane)
  • May 14 (last meeting of semester)

Future Topics

  • SEPs (initial vs. informed)
  • MIS guidelines
  • Dataworks/SARS SEP examples & Datatel Ed. Plans
  • Follow up on ASA codes (what is Ohlone's counselor/student ratio?)