Meeting Notes Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jennifer Harper, Wayne Takakuwa, Ann Burdett, Jesse MacEwan, Heather Ryan, Ron Travenick and Gillian O'Farrell (first five minutes).

Brief IT Update (Gillian)

  • Gillian is completing a 90+ page manual to document the Colleague process that Sue currently completes in order to assign academic standing
  • Jen will set up a meeting with Gillian & Wayne to discuss the process for upcoming semesters

MyDegreeWorks Presentation (Heather)

  • Heather gave a demonstration of Gavilan's MyDegreeWorks program
  • Program looks easy to use, student friendly and comprehensive
  • Heather stressed that weekly counselor release time is given to keep the program working efficiently for students and faculty
  • Program can evaluate for GE plans B & C via a "GE certificate" program
  • Counselors can lock SEPs to keep from editing
  • There is also a place to maintain petitions (Gavilan is not currently using this function)

SSA Q & A with Ron

  • Ron answered the questions we had prepared from our prior meeting (see attachment)
  • Ron will follow up on the ASA code clarifications as indicated on this document
  • Ron referred us to the credit funding formula chart SB1456 that is being used to illustrate the SSA changes to our funding
  • Ron is looking at streamlining communications to students at various milestones (i.e. 15 units, 30 units, etc.).
  • Jen and Wayne will need to discuss whether or not probation students who complete the Student Success Workshop requirements will have their registration priority bumped up upon completion. Essentially, does attendance at a workshop/appointment serve as an "appeal"?

Registration Timeline

  • Jesse and Wayne presented a revised registration timeline for 2013FA and forward
  • Preliminary discussion about splitting SU/FA registration, but more conversation is needed on this issue
  • Ron indicated it would be possible to split Summer and Fall registration blocks; in other words students could be cleared to register for Summer without being clear for Fall
  • Wayne and Jesse will continue to work on this issue and report back to Ron with a proposal
  • Wayne and Jesse will also continue to work on the exemptions for orientations
  • We need to implement and test orientation registration blocks before orientations begin in Fall

Future Meetings

  • May 7 - 10-11am Continuation of Title V changes/updates (Mandy/Diane)
  • May 14 10-11am
  • May 21 10-11am

Future Topics

  • Orientation Blocks: are they ready, how to turn them on, how to unblock (by September)
  • MIS/SARS data: what do we need to capture; how to reflect this in SARS
  • ESEP: what initial direction should we go toward for Spring 2014 and Su/Fa 2014?
  • Registration Priority Appeals & Probation students
  • ESEP Software
  • MIS guidelines
  • E-Advising (Colleagues ESEP) Demo - Don is scheduling
  • Basic Skills interventions (Tony to present in Fall)
  • Confidentiality DSPS vs. EOPS vs. General = duplication of services (Fall?)