Meeting Notes Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jennifer Harper, Wayne Takakuwa and Gillian O'Farrell.

Educational Goals

  • Discussed helping students update their goals as part of orientation
  • Jen will work with Jesse to incorporate a slide about this explaining the goals/choices to students
  • The committee is waiting to see if the definition of the educational goals will change
  • Preliminary discussion on having students declare an "informed" goal after 15 units
  • Wayne believe he has already submitted a ticket to stop requiring new students to update their profile
  • Gillian will research when the 1098T consent needs to be confirmed and if we need to allow for a change after the student has applied
  • The committee would like to know if this form/consent could move to the application?

MIS Reporting/Counseling Contacts

  • Jen will discuss the need for Reason Codes in SARS with the department
  • The committee would like to have SARS default to Counseling (SM12) and remove all other codes (pending the department feedback)
  • Once Ed. Plans are defined we may add a "comprehensive ed. plan" code and/or "initial ed. plan" code to meet MIS reporting requirements
  • The committee would like MIS "follow up" codes (SM13) to be automatic if a student comes in for counseling (or a workshop) and has been seen prior (orientation, counseling, etc.)
  • Jen will put in a ticket for all changes once the department feedback is given

SARS Codes

  • Reminder that schedule codes are a placeholder on the calendar
  • Schedule codes can be use for 1 or many students
  • Reason codes are how we typically pull data
  • Discussion on using an e-counseling reason code to mirror our program review data (counseling, drop in and e-counseling). This would mean creating an online counseling reason code
  • Jen may need to fold in e-counseling for probation students to the online counseling code to help align contacts (how do International Student contacts fit in?)
  • Gillian is willing to help with the reports from SARS to ensure the correct data is being requested/looked at

ND Majors

  • Gillian raised the question about what major Colleague pulls for registration priority if a student has multiple majors (most recent, type, etc.?)
  • If a student has an ND major and another one - will they lose their registration priority? Gillian will follow up on this
  • The committee would like the college to use/pull the most recent major code
  • We may need to put in a ticket for this as there could be programming implications here

Next Meetings

  • March 26th - no meeting
  • April 2nd - Review admissions notification email on registration priorities & WebAdvisor/Student Profile project (Gillian)
  • April 9th - MyDegreeWorks presentation for Ed. Planning Tool (Heather)

Future Topics

  • SEPs (initial vs. informed)
  • MIS guidelines
  • Dataworks/SARS SEP examples