Meeting Notes Tuesday, May 14, 2013Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jennifer Harper, Jesse MacEwan and John Mullen.

Loss of Registration PriorityAppeal Process

  • John created the attached draft of a form students will use when appealing their loss of registration priority
  • Here is the Title 5 text regarding such appeals:

    Each community college district shall establish written procedures by which a student may appeal the loss of priority enrollment status due to extenuating circumstances, or where a student with a disability applied for, but did not receive reasonable accommodation in a timely manner. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Districts may allow students who have demonstrated significant academic improvement to appeal the loss of priority enrollment status. Significant academic improvement is defined as achieving no less than the minimum grade point average and progress standard established in section 55031 for the term or terms.
  • Jen and Jesse recommend inserting a "counselor approval" section at the bottom, so we can help screen for appropriate appeals
  • Wayne & John need to discuss whether or not counselors CAN see all students who want to appeal. If so, counselors can sign off on appeals.
  • Probation students who's status is not representative of their current academic progress would be good candidates for appeals. John will talk to Wayne and Ron about counselors ability to approve these appeals.
  • We propose students who have more than 100 units & have appeals granted move into the 60-99.5 unit category of registration priority
  • John will talk with Ron & Wayne to determine the timeline of such appeals

Future Meetings

Room 7340, 10-11am:

  • May 21 (Don Penrose) MIS data, IT and reporting of new criteria AND Orientation Blocks; are they ready, how to turn them on, how to unblock students?

Future/Ongoing Topics

  • Orientation Blocks: are they ready, how to turn them on, how to unblock (by September)
  • MIS/SARS data: what do we need to capture; how to reflect this in SARS
  • ESEP: what initial direction should we go toward for Spring 2014 and Su/Fa 2014?
  • ESEP Software
  • MIS guidelines
  • E-Advising (Colleagues ESEP) DemoDon is scheduling with company, John will try to set up a demo with Cabrillo


  • Basic Skills interventions (Tony to present in Fall)
  • Confidentiality DSPS vs. EOPS vs. General = duplication of services