Meeting Notes Tuesday, May 21, 2013Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Jennifer Harper, Jesse MacEwan, Wayne Takakuwa, Ann Burdett, Don Penrose and John Mullen.

IT Discussion of Registration Blocks

  • Discussion of where we can house orientation blocks in Colleague (i.e. queue score, non-credit "class", etc.)
  • Don would like the registration block process to be as automated as possible where contacts are uploaded to Colleague and student registration holds are cleared
  • Student services will also need an automated process to clear holds for students who are exempt
  • Creating an Orientation block and a system for clearing this block is a very high priority
  • Don will assign Shirleen Ho to be the lead on this project
  • Jesse will write up a work flow in June, submit it to Student Success Committee members for review, and from there it will go to Don/Shirleen to begin work on the project
  • One proposal is to use SARS to sign students into orientations and then upload this information to Colleague
  • Student services would like this to be live by October 2013 to test and modify in time for the Spring 2014 SSA due date
  • Ideally students, counselors and Ohlone staff should be able to see a student's orientation status on WebAdvisor and/or in Colleague
  • John suggested we use the "Test Summary" area of WebAdvisor to house orientation/block information

Future Meetings

To begin in September 2013: Room 7340, 10-11am.

Future/Ongoing Topics

  • Orientation Blocks: are they ready, how to turn them on, how to unblock (by September)
  • MIS/SARS data: what do we need to capture; how to reflect this in SARS
  • ESEP: what initial direction should we go toward for Spring 2014 and Su/Fa 2014?
  • ESEP Software
  • MIS guidelines
  • E-Advising (Colleagues ESEP) DemoDon is scheduling with company, John will try to set up a demo with Cabrillo
  • Basic Skills interventions (Tony to present in Fall)
  • Confidentiality DSPS vs. EOPS vs. General = duplication of services