Men's Soccer: Feather River scores early, holds on against Ohlone - Article, 2012 Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

By Ohlone College.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012-Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

Feather River -1, Ohlone -0

Opening its first "home" game, Ohlone played against Feather River College (FRC) at Fremont's Central Park in a non-conference match Friday, August 31st. This field will be Ohlone's home ground while construction of a new field and stadium at the college is under construction. The Renegades were up against nationally ranked Feather River featuring a host of international players. Both sides spent the first few minutes settling their nerves and exploring the field.

Feather River, however, shook off the jitters early and Ohlone was caught off guard as an errant clearance moved the ball into Ohlone territory. FRC was able to capitalize off a combination play when Goalkeeper Michael Beigarten was blinded from play by his own back line.

As the game progressed, the Renegades developed confidence and began to pressure FRC later in the first half. Greivin Pacheo Quesada (Sophomore) led the front assault but they were unable to capitalize on several shots. The back line for Ohlone was led by Raul Chavez. Newcomers Jorge Alcaraz and Omar Reyes both performed well and, with veterans Hector Romero and Sliver Silva, kept Feather River away from the Ohlone goal most of the match.

Despite the early goal, the game outlook for Ohlone was positive as they adjusted to put more attackers up front. Ohone had two opening shots in the first half that needed an inch or two to go in. FRC had two additional opportunities midway in the second half but Ohlone pressure continually harassed Feather River and was a constant threat throughout the game.

"We are pleased to see our team compete today with a solid side." said Coach Nordmo. "We always want the win and today we showed we still need some seasoning; but with another bounce here or there, we have points. We are looking forward to a competitive year."

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