Multimedia and Graphic Arts Department

Ohlone College Multimedia and Graphic Arts Department


Multimedia and Graphic Arts Program Philosophy

If your interest is in design, animation, 3D modeling, programming, or gaming, the Multimedia and Graphic Arts Department at Ohlone College will work with you to develop your talent and help you achieve your academic and career goals. Our rich and challenging curriculum will prepare you to be successful in a variety of fields - from entertainment and graphic design to user interface design and commerce.

Our partnerships with leading companies in Silicon Valley and four-year institutions keep us updated on technological innovations so you will have the latest industry skills. With the help of leaders in academic institutions, we are able to create a cutting edge, conceptually rich, and innovative curriculum that supports individual exploration and collaborative learning.

Multimedia students in class working on projects.

Multimedia and Graphic Arts Program Foundation

We begin by ensuring you have a solid foundation in fundamental principles and skills in graphic design, conceptualizing ideas, and prototyping.

We encourage you to explore the many different areas of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, such as:

  • UX/UI Design and Front-End Development
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling/Textures
  • Video Production for Web and VR
  • Game Design and Virtual Reality Gaming
  • Graphic Design/Typography/Illustration
  • Mobile Application Development

View the Multimedia and Graphic Arts Student Project Gallery.

Ohlone College at the Maker Faire

State-of-the-Art Curriculum and Classrooms

To assure that students are adequately prepared for today's new media jobs, we focus on maintaining a program that is up to the minute.

  • All of our faculty members are working professionals in the field.
  • Students are exposed to a variety of guest speakers who share their real-world experiences.
  • Our Advisory Board continuously reviews content and practice to ensure our program is as current as possible.

We offer state-of-the-art classrooms and labs where students can apply their design and production skills using current industry-standard software applications.

Practical Experience in Multimedia

The Multimedia Department at Ohlone College not only teaches the technical skills needed for a career in multimedia, but also business and networking skills needed to find a job.

  • In our Portfolio Development course, students create a professional quality portfolio and resume and have the opportunity to present these materials to working professionals.
  • Our annual juried Multimedia Festival gives students a place to show their work to a larger community, to network and to receive an award for outstanding achievement.
  • Our students are encouraged to submit their work to a variety of industry shows and community events.