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Associate in Arts (A.A.) in Music

This is our most rigorous and all-encompassing level of achievement. The Associate in Arts in Music degree will prepare you for transfer to any four-year university music program, or equip you with the skill set to embark on a performance career.

The Student Learning Outcomes for Ohlone's A.A. degree are:

  1. Appraise and evaluate the development of Western music based on its relevance to musical evolution in the rest of the world.
  2. Comprehend and integrate the language of written, aural, and conceptual music.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency at an increasing level of mastery of his/her primary instrument.
  4. Analyze and categorize extant musical compositions and, in turn, employ appropriate stylistic and historical criteria to synthesize successful original music.
  5. Adapt and coordinate with other musicians in ensemble situations.

Review details and specific requirements of the A.A. in Music.

CSU Associate Degree for Transfer in Music

The Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor's degree in a similar major at a CSU campus. Students completing this degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. While less rigorous than the Ohlone A.A., this degree nonetheless establishes a clear pathway to transfer and will enable students to develop a strong foundation in music.

Review details and specific requirements of the CSU Associate Degree for Transfer in Music . Learn more about Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT).

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree

The Fine Arts Degree is a general, less intensive option for those music students who haven't yet dedicated themselves to a career in Music.

The Associate in Arts degree in Fine Arts (PDF) has three concentrations: Art, Music, and Theatre and Dance. Students may choose one of the concentrations to earn a degree in Fine Arts. These courses emphasize the study of cultural and humanistic activities and artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in artistic and cultural creation. Students will also learn to value aesthetic understanding and incorporate these concepts when constructing value judgments.

Review details and specific requirements of the A.A. in Fine Arts.

Certificates of Accomplishment

The Music Department at Ohlone College has developed Certificates of Accomplishment to recognize completion of coursework in a limited range (less than 17 units) of subject-specific music courses. These certificates supply tangible encouragement to casual students as well as providing extra commendations on the curriculum vitae of music majors working toward their A.A. or transfer degrees. Review details and specific requirements of these certificates:

Additional Information

Review a sample listing of Courses in this area of study. Review academic requirements in the Catalog and in the Curriculum Guides. All students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to review academic program requirements and discuss their long-range academic plan.

Apply for a Degree or Certificates

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