Newark Ohlone Temporary Theatre - Theatre and Dance History

Mark Nelson at his desk.Mark Nelson in his office at NOTT.

The drama department was temporarily moved to Newark (see the Studio 22 story) where we worked out of the old MacGregor Middle school cafetorium. We built a working theatre space there and made do, as they say until the new theatre was finished (about 3 years). It was nicknamed named NOTT by instructor Paul Cutone and stood for the Newark Ohlone Temporary Theatre.

I recently heard from one of those students (Marc Duncansen) who felt we should mention those days and so we include it here for your reading pleasure. There is a picture of Marc Duncansen, in prison garb, in the picture section, in the Newark Days parade shot.

Enjoy… the views the student may not reflect the opinions of Ohlone theatre or Ohlone college, but what the heck…

Hey what is up with the complete dismissal of Ohlone's NOTT (Newark Ohlone Temporary Theatre) heritage on the web space? Is NOTT the ugly cousin that no one likes to talk about? Were we so bad that the new Theater and Dance goers should not even know of our presence? Orrrrr, were we so good in a such meager accommodations that the current students and staff would be blown away by such talent and drive.

No no my friends, we did not have a 402 seat theater, we didn't have what most would call a "Lighting Booth" or a "Green Room" and by no means was our then "Dressing Room" (Gym shower) even comparable to those that the "Smith" center boasts today.

What did we have my friends? Ah yesssss, family, risks, fun and hardships! NOTT taught me more about the value of creativity than any other Theatre ever could. NOTT taught us to think outside the "Black-Box" and deal with an old junior high school lunch room and a girls locker room. "Hello, My Name is Mark Anthony Duncansen and I am a former NOTT student and NOTT Theatre Guild President", there I said it!

Man it feels great to get that off my chest. For years I have lived in the NOTT closet, afraid of the NOTT ridicule. I was afraid of the response I would get form non-NOTT "Smith Center" students?

Would their NOTT radar detect a NOTT student such as myself? Now, after the fear and NOTT self-loathing subsided, I am a proud NOTT former student.

You heard me! I wasn't a student of the Ohlone College Theater and Dance department, NO! I was a NOTT student!