Graphic poster with information about event

Grand Opening Street Fair

April 4
Fremont, Calif., April 4—The Ohlone Community College District welcomes the community to the Tri-City Street Fair’s Grand Opening event on...
Three male students sitting at a table

New Placement Process

April 2
Fremont, Calif., April 2—The Ohlone Community College District is pleased to announce that starting the summer/fall 2019 semester, all...
Female students in audience

Women for Women

March 25
Women helping women, supporting women, and empowering women to be a force. Those were the principles guiding Ohlone College’s 4th Annual...
Panel meeting

ACSBDC Grant Award

March 18
Ohlone College Awarded Alameda County Small Business Development Grant Newark, Calif., March 18—The Ohlone Community College District...