Noncredit LIVE Zoom Info Sessions

  • Noncredit ESL Overview  |  JAN. 13 at 1 PM  | Register here!
  • Noncredit Business Overview  |  JAN. 18 at 4 PM  | Register here!
  • General Noncredit Overview  |  JAN. 26 at 4 PM  | Register here!

Is this your first time trying to register for Ohlone College courses?

Great! We've tried to make it easy for you. 

If you are also interested in taking credit courses (and you have no residency or immigration status issues), please use the full online application.

If you ONLY want to take noncredit classes at Ohlone:  

  1. Complete and submit the Noncredit Application
  2. For High School Students Only: Complete and submit the Early College Permission Form.
    1. 9th Grade Permission Form
    2. 10th - 12th Grade Permission Form
    3. Review Ohlone's Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines. 
  3. Check your email in 2-3 business days for a Welcome Email which includes your Ohlone College student ID number.
  4. Note: If you are interested in taking ESL courses, your student ID number will allow you to register for the ESL placement process, which will help you know which classes are right for you. Take me to placement process page.

After receiving your Student ID number

  1. Sign up for your Ohlone account. Follow the instructions for setting up your Ohlone account. Login and complete your student profile.
  2. Log in to your student email account. Now that you have created an Ohlone account, login to that account and look toward the left hand side of the screen. Click on the link that says 'Student Email Login.' Follow the prompts to access your student email account.The student email creation may take up to 24 hrs. All students are issued an Ohlone College student email account. This email will be used for all future communications from Ohlone College.
  3. Register for classes in MyOhlone. Log in using your username and password you created in Step One. Select the Search for Classes module. 
  4. Log in to your Canvas account. Online classes are taught on Canvas. You may also get to your Canvas course shell by going to eCampus.


Ohlone College | Success Starts Here!

If this is not your first time registering for Ohlone College courses:

Do you have an Ohlone College Student ID and Ohlone account? 
If so, registration is simple! Log into your Ohlone account and select the noncredit classes you want to take.

Do you have an Ohlone College Student ID but do not have a Ohlone account?
Follow the instructions for setting up an Ohlone account

Have you been a student at another California Community College within the last 5 years?
Great! You've started the process. Using your OpenCCC Student ID, complete the Ohlone College Application Process.



Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, send an email to, or call 510-742-2308.