Live Zoom Series:
Noncredit @ Ohlone


We are hosting a series of Zoom sessions that will provide you more information about our Noncredit offerings. After each session there will be an opportunity for your questions to be answered in real-time. We look forward to connecting with you!

Three EASY steps to attend:

  1. Click on the date and time of the session(s) you are interested in, below. Registration is FREE. Takes 1 minute or less. All you need is your name and email. 
  2. Receive email with link to join session.
  3. On the day and time for the event, click on Zoom link you received in email and you are all set!

Noncredit ESL Overview

    • Noncredit ESL Overview
      • Connie Olsen, ESL Faculty
      • Elizabeth Metzler, ESL Faculty
      • Emily Burns, Career Education Coordinator
        • Learn more about Ohlone's Noncredit course offerings. Noncredit ESL classes are FREE, repeatable (take a class as many times as you'd like), do not require proof of residency, and will not use up Financial Aid. Noncredit ESL courses will prepare you for success personally, professionally, and academically! Join us to learn about the placement process, course expectations, benefits, and more!
    Session Speaker Bio:
    Connie Olsen, ESL Professor, has been teaching at Ohlone College since 2000 and has helped shape Ohlone’s ESL program over the years.  She also has experience teaching overseas and enjoys working with students from all different cultures and backgrounds.  She has taught most of the ESL courses offered at Ohlone but focuses primarily on teaching the reading/writing classes. 

    Noncredit Business Overview

    • January 18, 2021, 4-5pm
    • Noncredit Business Overview
      • Sheida Parvasi, Business Faculty and Noncredit Coordinator
      • Andrew LaManque, Dean of Business
      • Emily Burns, Career Education Coordinator
        • Whether you're building out your professional skills to land a new job, trying to master the foundations of starting your own small business, or preparing to take your California Real Estate Licensing Exam - we invite you to come learn more about Ohlone's Noncredit offerings in Business Administration, Business Supervision/Management, and Real Estate.
    Session Speaker Bio:
    Sheida Parvasi, Sheida Parvasi, M.S. is an adjunct faculty and noncredit coordinator at Ohlone College. Sheida has over 3 years of experience in teaching Business and Noncredit courses. She graduated in healthcare administration(MHA) from University of Houston Clear Lake. She has been teaching WEX (Work Experience Education) courses since 2018. Sheida is motivated to support and prepare students in improving and reaching their career development goals.
    Andrew LaManque, Andrew grew up in upstate New York and attended State University of New York (SUNY) colleges, earning a B.S. in Management Science / Finance, M.A. Economics, and a PhD in Educational Administration and Policy. He has been working a variety of jobs since he was 14 and is a first generation college student. He started his career in education finance looking at the inequities in funding of K-12 school districts. He believes having access to information on career opportunities is so important. He enjoys providing opportunities for students to learn and grow.

    General Noncredit Overview

    • January 26, 2021, 4-5pm
    • General Noncredit Overview
      • Emily Burns, Career Education Coordinator
        • Learn more about Ohlone's Noncredit program. Designed with our community members in mind, noncredit courses are tuition-free, do not require proof of residency, and will prepare you to achieve academic, career, and/or lifelong learning goals. Ohlone offers noncredit courses and certificates in Business, Math, Multimedia, English as a Second Language (ESL), Real Estate, Personal Development, and more.

    Session Speaker Bio:
    Emily Burns, Program Coordinator for Career Education supporting both Career Education and Noncredit students. Emily is passionate about individualized support to help others achieve their academic and career goals. 


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