Earning a noncredit certificate is a significant accomplishment that allows you to show others, such as employers, what you have achieved. Noncredit certificates include courses that prepare students to take further coursework and progress in a career path. Ohlone College noncredit certificates are reviewed by the faculty, the Ohlone College Board of Trustees, and California Community College Chancellor's Office, and signify the completion of a series of connected courses.

If you’ve completed the required coursework for a particular noncredit certificate, your certificate will be processed by the Ohlone College Records Office and emailed to you in July, September, or January for the preceding term. For example, if you completed the certificate’s required coursework during the Spring semester, your certificate will be emailed to you in July. There’s no action needed on your end; however, if you believe you’ve earned a certificate and have not received it by the end of the months mentioned above, please email noncredit@ohlone.edu.

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