Student Learning Outcomes in the Registered Nursing Program

Upon graduation, the nursing student will::

  1. Qualify for state licensure as a registered nurse by achieving a passing score on the NCLEX-RN.
  2. Morally commit to ethical, caring practice in complex health situations with appreciation for diverse perspectives and a holistic view.
  3. Synthesize holistic nursing process with multiple ways of knowing, including critical thinking and intuition, to effectively care for self and others
  4. Integrate intentional, respectful communication with caring presence to effectively relate with and advocate for individuals, families, groups, communities, and colleagues of diverse sociocultural backgrounds in various health care settings.
  5. Partner with individuals, families, and communities through teaching/coaching/learning activities to explore patterns and promote positive health changes for humans and their environment.
  6. Coordinate and manage seamless nursing care and resources for individuals, families, and/or communities as a collaborative interprofessional leader and team member.
  7. Value a commitment to self-care and reflective practice.
  8. Internalize lifelong learning using multiple forms of evidence to improve professional caring practice, clinical competence, patient healing, and the profession of nursing.
  9. Internalize principles of holistic nursing practice to promote healing and wellness in all life experiences and stages of human development, including the dying process.