Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

By Ohlone College.

Ohlone College 50 Years 1967-2017 Reconnect, Recognize, Re-engage.For the past 50 years Ohlone has been in the business of transforming lives. This includes not only the lives of students, but also the lives of faculty and staff. These lives are the legacy of Ohlone College. Although an institution’s history is important, its human legacy is more so.

Throughout 2017 Ohlone College will celebrate its 50th anniversary, reaching out to reconnect with our students—current and former, to recognize all that Ohlone students have accomplished and to re-engage
them with the college.

Ohlone’s first semester of classes began in fall 1967 with approximately 1,300 students. The origins of Ohlone College began several years earlier in 1960. The bid to form a college was rejected several times by the State Board of Education, however Ohlone finally got traction thanks to support from State Assemblyman Carlos Bee and Governor Pat Brown. Voters made it official on December 7, 1965 with 73% voting in favor, and the Fremont Newark Junior College District was officially created.

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