Ohlone College Domains and Subdomains - Web Team

This page is intended for use only by the Web Team, although others may find it a useful reference. The information listed is added to as the Web Team becomes aware of additional domains/subdomains.


(Updated July 13, 2017.)

Register/purchase/renew domain names through the IT Services Department (contact the IT Service Desk).


Subdomains are created/managed by the IT Services Department (contact the IT Service Desk).

(Updated May 12, 2017.)

  • Web Team-related
  • Non Web Team-managed sites:
    • commedreg.ohlone.edu

      ==> ohlone.augusoft.net - Community Education's registration system
    • coy.ohlone.edu

      ==> www.ohlonefoundation.org/ - Foundation
    • ecampus.ohlone.edu

      ==> www2.ohlone.edu/instr/onlineeducation/ - Online Education
    • employment.ohlone.edu - PeopleAdmin managed by Human Resources
    • fleamarket.ohlone.edu

      ==> www.ohlone.edu/org/fleamarket/

      - SITE DELETED 20150108 but subdomain still active and pointing to "Closed" page
    • foundation.ohlone.edu

      ==> www.ohlonefoundation.org/ - Foundation
    • itunes.ohlone.edu (iTunesU) - 20160329 links to this REMOVED from website per LBuehler; no longer used; IT Department responsible for deleting this subdomain and its files

      ==> www2.ohlone.edu/org/itunes/ (invisible) - Online Education
    • library.ohlone.edu

      ==> www2.ohlone.edu/org/library/ - Library
    • scholarships.ohlone.edu

      ==> www.ohlonefoundation.org/student-scholarships/ - Foundation
  • Applications managed by the IT Services Department:
    • accounts.ohlone.edu (Web Services Accounts)
    • email.ohlone.edu (Ohlone College MS Exchange Webmail)
    • help.ohlone.edu (old URL - use: servicedesk.ohlone.edu)
    • learn.ohlone.edu (A TESTING SUBDOMAIN used by Sean Mason)
    • online.ohlone.edu

      ==> points to https://online.ohlone.edu/cslo (Cloud-based SLO Assessment software)
    • servicedesk.ohlone.edu (IT Service Desk)
    • tech.ohlone.edu (Tech Center to manage assigned Service Desk submissions)
    • webadvisor.ohlone.edu (WebAdvisor)
  • Possible other subdomains unknown to the Web Team