Ohlone College Entrance Marquees

Please Note: Please send messages for posting using the Marquee Display Request Form. Information must be contained in 10 words or less, must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event, will run for one week prior to the event, and must pertain directly to students and/or the College. Please fill in ALL information requested. Late requests may be processed if time permits.

Submit a Marquee Display Request.

About the Marquees on the Fremont Campus

Messages, sequences and schedules, oh my…

Sample Messages:

  1. Help save lives, donate blood
  2. Friday, March 20, 12:00 to 2:00pm
  3. Room 5209, Building 5
  4. a blank frame which separates this message from the one that follows

A sequence is a series of messages that display on any given day. For example, the sequence Monday, March 9 included:

  1. Welcome
  2. Red Cross workshop
  3. Wind Orchestra performance
  4. Academy of Art representative
  5. Community band performance
  6. Ohlone baseball game
  7. Thanks for a donation

A schedule tells the marquee when to turn on, turn off, and which sequence to run on what day.

Marquee on north side entrance to Ohlone College's Fremont campus.

It's my birthday…

We have had hundreds of requests from all kinds of people to display different messages on the marquees. You know, things ranging from "tell everyone it's my birthday" to "I'm trying to sell my car." The policy as established by the Board of Trustees is that only college sponsored events, performances, activities, or other related college information can be displayed. We do not advertise individual classes. We also sell no personal or advertising time.

Run my message all semester long…

Messages will begin running 7 days prior to the event start date. Not all semester long. If you have an ongoing (e.g. once a month) event or activity, you need to submit a new request for each event.

Please remember that requests for messages need to be submitted AT LEAST 7 days prior to your requested start date. Late submissions can only be processed as time permits.

Here's my request…

Submit a Marquee Display Request.


Email marquee@ohlone.edu.