Ohlone College Wins SJCC's Classic Tournament - Article, 2014-2015 Ohlone College Renegades Men's Basketball

Sunday, December 14, 2014-Reprinted from Examiner.

By Amy Nilson, San Jose Green Business, Examiner.

Head Coach of Ohlone College Scott Fisher said, "When you play San Jose, you have to realize they are really tough about putting the ball on the ground, and drive to the basket." Fisher said, "Our whole thing is to try and make every shot, as much as possible." Fisher said, "We don't want to give them any easy three point shots." Fisher said, "We want to get our hands up there and put the ball on the ground." Fisher said, "We just needed to make them to do 2-point shots over and over, and try not to let them get three point shots to the basket."

SJCC's Sophomore Tyrone Viney #12 cuts to the basket with 6:31 on the clock. The score is 60-55 with San Jose taking a 5-point lead. Ohlone College drives forward scoring 3-points to close the gap. Each team works on passing the ball to each teammate to try and find an opening to score. With 2:22 on the clock the score was tied at 63-63. The audience starts to stand as the completion begins to heat up between the Jags and Renegades with SJCC's Sophomore Chris Sterling #30 at the basket he shoots 1-0 at the free throw line to bring the score to 65-68 with Renegades 3-points ahead. The crowd begins to shout, defense.

The score now 66-68 Renegades with Ohlone College Sophomore Ryo Tawatari #3 is called on an offensive foul. A full-time out is called with 45.3 seconds left on the clock. Jags miss three points to turn over the ball allowing the Renegades to score four more points with the Jags trailing at 66-70. Ohlone College wins taking first place in the tournament.

Lamel D. Harris, Director of SJCC's Kinesiology and Athletics said, "It was an extremely difficult game with the top 3 of 5 teams playing in the tournament." Harris said, "With the top four out of twenty teams playing, there was a lot of talent competing in the tournament." With San Jose winning second place, with ten wins and two losses starting early in the season, many teams already know that if they are to prove how good they are, SJCC is the team to beat in the Conference playoff. Harris said, "I think we are in a good position for the conference and we should be there because we know we can play with the best teams in the State."

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