Men's Soccer: Renegades find magic touch in big win over Shasta - Article, 2012 Ohlone College Renegades Men's Soccer

By Jan Eric Nordmo.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012-Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

It all started wrong for Ohlone last year in Shasta, when the Renegades lost one of their starting backs for the season due to a collision with a Shasta forward. The injury took the wind out of the Ohlone's sails, and the best Ohlone could muster was a 0-0 draw on the road.

On Tuesday afternoon, September 11, Ohlone took a lesson from that game as well as the opening two games of this season, and created a formula that put Greivin Pacheco Quesada (Soph.) on the scoreboard in a big way with four goals and an assist. Quesada found the net early in minute 7 when Silver Silva (Soph.) threaded a sharp ball between Shasta's left and center backs that Quesada picked up and carried toward the keeper, and neatly slotted the ball into the right side of the net.

Despite the early goal, Shasta applied pressure on the Ohlone midfield line, forcing Jorge Alcaraz (Fr.) and Hector Romero (Soph.) to keep a tight watch. Brannon Romac for the Shasta Knights found himself in scoring possession in minute 12, but Chase Brower put a full body block on the shot, helping Ohlone keeper Michael Beigarten (Soph.) keep a clean sheet.

Ohlone's second goal came off of a long throw from striker Martin Lopez (Soph.) that set Quesada free on a 50-yard run, resulting in a narrow angle shot that cleared the keeper and found the net. Quesada found his hat trick in minute 30 as outside left back Taylor Leidheisl (Soph.) put a long-flighted ball over the Knights back line for Quesada to run onto and score, shattering Shasta's hopes.

Up 3-0, Quesada put his passing skills to use as Elton Ceja (Fr.) tallied a final goal before the half off of Quesada's cross. In the second half, Taylor Leidheisl found a crowded goal area the perfect opportunity to plunk a header in the net off of Carlos Gomez Hernandez's (Fr.) corner kick. Later, Chris Lopez (Fr.) broke down the Shasta outside line to send a cross that Quesada would put in for his last goal of the game.

Ohlone's final goal was hit off a set piece from 25 yards out as Ohlone GK and specialty kicker Beigarten bent a left-footed shot over the Shasta wall and neatly inside the near post. Ohlone dominated the game and went home with their first victory of the season, by the score of 7-0.

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