From the Coaches' Desk: Spring Update - Team News, 2014 Ohlone College Renegades Women's Volleyball

Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

By Head Coach Jeremy Penaflor, Ohlone College Women's Volleyball.

It has been quite a busy spring for our volleyball athletes. The girls have been at it since the beginning of the spring semester, and we finish our non-traditional season with a tournament at Skyline College on Friday, April 18. We started the season with our 4th Annual Ohlone College Spring Ball Tournament on March 15, hosting four other schools in a five-team round robin. With our small number of players in the spring the girls have been able to get a lot of reps under their belts, and as a result the girls look to be developing their individual skills well along with their familiarity with the system. We all learned a lot about ourselves at our tournament. The returning freshmen (soon to be sophomores) now have an idea of what its going to be like being the leaders on the team going into the fall, and our newcomers are now well aware of the level of play and focus its going to take in order to successfully compete. I personally learned a lot about the different personalities that comprise our current team, and I think it will make for a great mixture as we incorporate the incoming freshmen in the summer and fall. With the closure of Epler Gymnasium for renovation, our training shifted from the cozy confines of indoor volleyball to the unpredictable elements of sand volleyball. For the first time in the Ohlone volleyball program's history, our girls competed in the first ever organized sand volleyball tournament for collegiate teams in northern California. Coast Conference teams along with San Jose State's sand volleyball team competed at West Valley College on Friday, April 11. Twenty-seven total pairs enjoyed a sunny day of good, competitive volleyball, and it was a great start for the hopeful movement towards making sand volleyball a CCCAA sanctioned sport. With only two weeks of training, the girls really took on the sand game well. I look forward to seeing what the CCCAA decides and what our department decides to do as it pertains to making sand
volleyball a reality. As we wrap up the competition portion of our non-traditional season, I'm filled with much confidence and optimism. This group wants to get better, and that drive and work ethic can only lead to good things. Make sure you check us out in the fall. I'm sure you'll be in for one heck of a show!

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